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Save the Human

by Chandi Sinnathurai

Monsoon in Vaharai 2006

When deep calls unto deep

As oceans roll over

And the tide changes

according to the lunar cycle.

The whales and the dolphins

Travel the depths of the ocean...

Searching for giant squids

While the migratory birds

Are sniffing the jet stream

In the direction of melting snow

and warmer climbs.

The polar bears climb out from their hibernation

Having heard the rush of the school of salmons

Swimming against the swift current!

From the melting caps of ice

On the artic circle a host of voices is heard...

The singing 'nuns' of dolphins returns to feed their young

after a long dark winter.

The virgin buds begin to bloom

The cocoons yield the long awaiting flight 

This is how freedom comes and life begins...

This is how nature teaches man to explore meaning.

In every sunset there is dawn.

As long as there is time and space

The struggle for emancipation cannot cease.

Man will continue...

traversing a moment in life

And some history

transcending a moment in life.

Call that moment freedom, if you will.


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