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Making the Point

by Chandi Sinnathurai



How many more generations

will have to die for liberation'

reducing our population?

How much more expatriation

will happen using this as an accusation

Often facing unlimited incarceration?

How many more times

will our people get caught in spin-doctrination

with substanceless farce of proclamation?

How many more cuckoos will fly over the nests

for us to open our eyes to pure fabrication?

Alas! only the poorest of the poor

Will stay here to starve and die

and to keep alive the skeleton of liberation?

They are the ones who end in cremation...

A heap of skull and bones crying for redemption

Our "shield and protection."

Who will sing the plight of our nation?

Who will scream our frustration?

Who will be our consolation?

How many more poor

will have to shed their blood

for liberation?

How many more tears

will we need to shed

by making the point

Of pointlessness

In a rich-man's world?


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