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Three New DVDs on Sri Lankan Human Rights Violations

by Dr. Brian Senewiratne, Brisbane, Australia

"Sri Lanka. Urgent International Action Needed to Stop the Slaughter" It is just 20 minutes. This DVD is for those in a hurry, i.e politicians.

There are 3 more  DVDs on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka.

1. A DVD recorded by me for the Australians for Human Rights of the Voiceless (AHRV), Sydney, Australia.

This was recorded in Sydney in December 2006. It was recorded professionally, and not in my dining room (as were my other DVDs!!! So it has ‘a polish’ which is lacking in mine). This recording was organised by AHRV and my only contribution was to talk, perhaps too much. There are video clips in it, but not the sort of still photos I put in my DVDs. I cannot remember how long it was, but it was quite long and comprehensive, perhaps 50 minutes.

This DVD can be obtained from

The Australians for Human Rights of the Voiceless (AHRV)
POBox 991
NSW 2135

2 A shorter DVD recorded by me (in my home) and given to AHRV. This is much shorter (about 30 minutes). This AHRV intends to distribute. That too is available with them at the above address. Neither 1 nor 2 are available from me. So do not email me about them.

3 A very short DVD "Sri Lanka. Urgent International Action Needed to Stop the Slaughter" It is just 20 minutes. I will have this ready tomorrow. If you want a copy, email me. This DVD is for those in a hurry, i.e politicians.

I was NOT in favour of recording this because I did not think it possible to deal with this complex problem in 20 minutes. I have had 50 years experience in teaching medical students and know what works and what does not, as far as getting a message across. If someone wants me to speak on diabetes or heart attacks, I can do so in 60 minutes. If I am asked to do this in 30 minutes, there are two options:-

1. cut the contents by half or

2. cover the full content but speak faster.

I know from experience that to talk faster is not an option. Unfortunately, that is precisely what I have done in the 20 minute DVD. I have cut the content by 30% and have also spoken faster. Does this make this DVD useless? Maybe, but first watch it and see what you think.

However, if politicians can only spare that time, I guess I will have to cope with this reality. As such, this DVD may be the only one worth duplicating on a large scale and circulating to politicians, and others in a hurry or those with a short attention-span.              

The earlier DVDs (3) – what’s happened to them?

Well, they are on their way at last, the last bunch posted today (5.4.07). I am sorry for the delay but there have been problems.

1. Problem 1 was the huge number of emails I have had asking for DVDs. It has been overwhelming, with  my mail box flooded. I have tried to keep the costs down by doing as much of the copying, labeling and posting myself assisted by my personal slave, my wife. I am 76, my wife about the same. We are not exactly galloping around. Coping with so manyrequests has not been easy, (I had difficulty even carrying them to the post office, and then having to lick and paste stamps). However, we made it, admittedly working till midnight.

One problem of working till midnight is a medical one.  The blood flow to the brain, especially at my age, tends to drop off at that time of the day (or night!). There is also increasing irritation with the onset of fatigue. The result could be that some of you may have got two DVDs of the same thing. If that has happened, get back to me and let me know what is missing, and I’ll replace it. You should have a 30, 45 and 120 minute DVD in 3 separate cases but the same post-pack.

2. There may be a problem playing the DVD. If so, see that your TV is set to PAL.

If it still does not work, let me know and I will see if I can get it converted to your format and send you another set.

I am told that taking off the label on the DVD might help. I cannot see how it can, but that’s what I have been told. Give it a try if you have problems.

 Just to remember that whatever your TV set does, the DVDs will work on the computer, that for sure.

 3. There was also a delay due to a Police matter. Not surprisingly, the more patriotic brethren (Sinhalese, I need hardly say), decided to threaten me. These were by telephone and email. That rarely worries me, I’ve had a lot over the years, but when the nature of the threat was to bump me off, I had to report it to the Police. That wasted much time. I gather that what came my way  constitutes felony and carries a jail term if the sender of the email can be traced. If he is, I’ll let you know in which jail he is in and you can pay him a  visit.

4. I keep getting emails asking about the cost.  This exercise is not to make money but to get an urgent message across to the International Community. So, don’t worry too much about payment. I suggest that you first look at these DVDs and see if they are worth anything. They may not be. If they are not, the question of payment does not arise.

Thanking you for your support and interest.


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