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A Fast to Stop the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka

Dr. Sri B. Sri-Skanda-Rajah, a peace activist, began a six-day fast to draw attention and seek help to stop the genocide of Tamils in the North East of Sri Lanka.

Intended to be a cry for help, it is important to explain that the fast is not a “hunger strike” or a protest and is undertaken in strictly “Gandhian” style to demonstrate a deeply felt concern and empathy for the pain and suffering inflicted on the Tamil-speaking people in the North East of Sri Lanka.

The fast began on Sunday, 15th April and will end on Saturday 21st April 2007 at an ecumenical and multi-faith prayer gathering to be held at the Canada Kandasamy Temple Hall, 733 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario between 4 and 6 pm.

The fast is meant to be a spiritual exercise. It transcends partisan politics. No one should make political capital of this endeavor.

Dr. Sri B. Sri-Skanda-Rajah is appealing to Canada, his adopted country for which he has immense respect, love and loyalty to help stop the carnage, starvation and massive human rights abuses perpetrated by Sri Lankan armed forces, deny any development-aid to the Sri Lankan government that could be used to kill and harm the Tamil people and save them from oppression and elimination.


Gandhi helping Salaam
Gandhi helping Amtus Salaam to end her fast, undertaken in protest against communal riots in East Bengal and Bihar


Sri Lankan community prepares for New Year

by Mike Adler, The Scarborough Mirror, Toronto, 04/19/07
... Some 500 Tamils gathered Sunday at the Canada Kandasamy Temple on Birchmount Road calling on the Canadian government to somehow stop the fighting. Sri Sri-Skanda-Rajah began a fast "to draw attention and seek help to stop the genocide of Tamils," which he will break following a temple prayer service Saturday...



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