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Conquer and Negotiate?

by Wakeley Paul

Isn't conquer and control the more likely expectation?

"We will conquer the east and then negotiation will  be inevitable" is the essence of G.L. Peiris's latest adventurous efforts to win International support for his lopsided government. That sounds like the conviction of someone engaged in the contemplation of a paradox. Conquer and concede? Why?

Isn't conquer and control the more likely expectation?

Are the adventurous authors of these sentiments expecting us to believe in their divine love for us, in the hope that - in defeat - we might be able to persuade them to restore to us the rights we deserve?

The idea is shocking both in its novelty and blinding idiocy. Their entire assertion is founded on a fallacy which they expect the International community to swallow wholesale. Do they imagine that they can raise illusory hopes and expectations by expecting the world to lift the mist out of their mysticism and believe them?

The raw reality is that this government is bent on winning an impossible war to impose their wishes on the Tamils who have every reason to resent and distrust them. Based on  this irreconcilable conflict, peace is an impossible dream.

It is the government, not the LTTE, that has the power to modify the situation and it is evident from the above mentioned absurdities,  that this government is strongly opposed to any such a possibility. Their own supporters don't realize that the President and his brothers are spending more money on themselves than on their citizens. Their military expenditure, spent in their effort to brutalize the Tamil community, suffers from a monstrous and unforgivable delusion. They are presiding  over the agonizing dissolution of a nation, which the Japanese government is doing all in its power help fulfill.

Several U S Congressman have urged President Bush to take serious steps to censure this Sri Lankan government,  but the President has not yet realized the harshness of the situation.

We, the diaspora, must continue our effort to inform and urge action before the island deteriorates any further, if that is possible.


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