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TYO Australia Organizes Blood Drive to Remember Sencholai Bombing


9 August, 2007


Tamil Australian youth remember lost lives by donating blood on 18 August 2007


Tamil Youth Organisation, Australia, has organised a blood drive on Saturday 18th August 2007, to remember the innocent lives lost one year ago in an orphanage bombing.

On 14 August 2006, Sencholai Girls' Home, in NorthEast Sri Lanka, was bombed by the Sri Lanka Air Force, killing 61 Tamil schoolgirls and 15 other Tamil civilians. Despite denials by the Sri Lankan Government, UNICEF stated the dead and injured "were children from surrounding schools in the area" (UNICEF 15/08/06) and "had confirmation children had been killed in Mullaitivu." (BBC, 14/08/06).

In December 2005, TYO members from Australia traveled to NorthEast Sri Lanka, to volunteer in the post-war and post-tsunami regions. During their trip, many visited and taught English at Sencholai Girl's Home.

A year after the bombing of Sencholai, TYO remembers the lives lost that day, by donating blood on Saturday 18 August. In Sydney, donations will be made between 8.00AM - 3.00PM at Red Cross, 4 George St, Parramatta.

"Remember the innocent lives lost in our homeland, by saving lives in our current home, Australia. Thank the International Red Cross for their unbiased work in the NorthEast, by supporting the Australian Red Cross through donating blood. Support TYO?s initiative. Remember the innocence. Save lives. Give blood." reads the TYO website.

TYO is an organisation for young Tamil Australians, encouraging its members to be proud and responsible Australians whilst recognising their Tamil identity. With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra, TYO has organised Clean Up Australia Day campaigns nationwide, has members partaking in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience and Just Enough Faith, and raises funds for both local charities and its international project.

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