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Sri Lankan State Terrorism and the Helpless Tamil Diaspora

by Vettivel, October 6, 2007

The Sri Lankan state terror government kills Tamils at an alarming rate of 7 Tamils per day... The naked reality is that the world will not react!

The international community, including the EU, US, Canada, Japan and India, approve and encourage the Sri Lankan state terrorists to eliminate Tamils and colonize their homeland: Tamil Eelam.  All the human rights and other international measures will never save any Tamils’ lives in Tamil Eelam. It is the sad fact and the reality that is hitting the Tamil Diaspora these days.

The Sri Lankan state terror government has successfully eliminated more than 5000 Tamils using paramilitaries, the armed forces and the air force in the last two years. More than 300,000 Tamils have been made homeless and left to die starving. More than 500,000 Tamils in Jaffna are in an open prison and are slowly being killed by the Sri Lankan state terror military and paramilitary personnel. The rest of the Tamils living in the Island of Sri Lanka are either mentally tortured on daily basis by discriminatory practices or physically harassed by the Sri Lankan state terror machine. Other than the physical destruction of property by Sinhala state terror-directed military actions, most of the Tamils, including the Diaspora Tamil visitors pay ransoms, to the state terror paramilitaries.  The Sri Lankan state terror government kills Tamils at an alarming rate of 7 Tamils per day. And sometimes up to hundreds per day. The naked reality is that the world will not react!

The elimination of Tamils’ presence in Tamil Eelam is well under way. The only factor the Sri Lankan state terrorist and the International community worry about is Tamil Nadu and the 65 millions Tamils and their relationship with Eelam Tamils. That is why the Sri Lankan state terrorists and the Indian intelligent branch are trying hard to minimize the Tamil Nadu Tamils’ sympathy towards Eelam Tamils. In fact, Eelam Tamils have already lost their lives, property, dignity and democracy under a state terror government.

There is not any compelling reason for the International community to hate Tamils. However, Sri Lankan state terror governments have consistently spread propaganda that portrays the whole Tamil community, including the Tamil Diaspora, as terrorists. Sadly, some educated Tamils either helped or silently approved this to happen. Sri Lankan state terrorists first branded the freedom fighters as terrorists, and then expanded the definition to their supporters, and t now the definition covers the whole Tamil world.

The Sri Lankan government propaganda is that it is a “DEMOCRATICALLY” elected government and Tamil freedom fighters disrupt its unitary rule and law. The world doesn’t really care what democracy means under Sri Lankan state terror rule. The “DEMOCRACY” in Sri Lanka means the Sinhala nation has all the powers to rule the Tamils. All the powers includes sending a state terror military to kill, torture, destroy, and rape Tamils, embark on random air raids on Tamil Eelam, a food and medicine embargo on Tamils, travel restrictions, humiliating Tamils, and treating the Tamils as slaves. In reality, Tamils are only allowed to elect state-run terror paramilitary members. If Tamils elect any honest representatives, they are branded as supporters for terrorists or killed.

More than 80% of the Tamils voted for separation of Tamil Eelam from the Sinhala state and elected 22 legislators in the last election. The Sri Lankan state terror government has killed three of these legislatots.

Interestingly, the state terror government that today runs a family business still talks about democracy. The sad truth is that the International community doesn’t really care about democracy. All it wants is that someone in the power should obey their rules. As far as, that is happening, no one will care.  In addition, the International community banned the whole Tamil Diaspora from helping or raising their voice for their kiths and kin in Tamil Eelam. The ‘terrorist’ label is really for the whole Tamil Diaspora, but not for freedom fighters who dare to fight against state terrorism.

The most dangerous attribute of state terrorism is the use of the paramilitaries to terrorize innocent people. This approach helps the terrorist state to escape from potential sanctions because the blame always goes to the paramilitary, not the government itself. Paramilitaries give the government 'plausible deniability' for its dirty deeds. The Sinhala terrorist state has been very successful in employing this approach for the last two decades. In the last two years alone, more than 3000 Tamil civilians either have been killed or disappeared by the paramilitaries and the state terror military intelligence unit. The Sri Lankan state terror defense secretary admitted that the Sri Lankan government is using paramilitaries to terrorize Tamils. He himself called this a cowardly operation.

Apart from these realities, believing the international community may save Tamils lives is really a myth. However, it doesn’t mean the Tamil Diaspora cannot do anything to influence the international community to react positively. Continue to educate the International community, including politicians, media, and other organizations about the Sri Lankan state terrorism is very important. If the Tamil Diaspora fails to do this, it not only hurts Eelam Tamils who live in Tamil Eelam, but also impacts the Diaspora Tamils themselves in the long term. Sri Lankan government state terrorism is not only restricted to the Island of Ceylon. The Sinhala government successfully runs several international criminal gangs to diminish Tamils' reputation. The Sinhala-dominated Sri Lankan government agenda is to portrait the entire Eelam Tamil community as terrorists. In order to do this, the Sri Lankan government may use its paramilitary terrorist wings to spread out in the Tamil Diaspora and create violence in Tamil communities across the globe. The Tamil gangs and other individual killings could be a part of this major agenda to tarnish the Tamil image. The dangerous Sinhala phenomena is not only eliminating and conquering the Tamils in Tamil Eelam, but also to disable the Tamil Diaspora in the world arena. If the Tamil Diaspora fails to confront the internationalized Sri Lankan state terrorism and the Sinhala propaganda machine, the long term victims may be the entire community, including the next generation of Tamils.

The 2002 ceasefire agreement is openly destroyed by the Sinhala government, and all the Sinhala parties have clearly said that there will be no federal-based power-sharing solution. Tamils will be forced to live under Sinhala unitary state terror rule. Obviously, there is not a single action taken against the State terror government by the arbiters of 'right and wrong' in this world. Instead of punishing the violators and war mongers, the international community is rewarding the Sinhala criminal government with finance, weapons and political means. The past six years clearly depict this reality and the Tamil Diaspora which hopes to get some support from the International community for their kith and kin in homeland is left helpless.


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