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A New Year to Double Up Our Efforts

by Rev. Dr. S.J. Emmanuel, December 31, 2007


I wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year 2008.
May God, the Source and Summit of all Humanity,
bless,  protect and guide us on our Journey
to win back all the Human Rights,
He gave to us as a people in Tamil Eelam.

The enemies of our Liberation are trying their best
to proclaim victories and instill fear and panic among our people.
The Sri Lankan Government and its Forces are dreaming
of victories upon victories to weaken and wipe out our struggle and leadership.
The superpowers of the international community disappoint us
and even seem to support the evil intentions of the Sri Lankan Government.
The traitors from our own community,
whose shameful goal is to slavishly serve the oppressor,
are hell bent on causing panic among our people.

In the face of all these, let us be firm,
and not fall into the evil designs of these enemies.
We have walked the long way to Freedom.
Strengthened only by our Convictions about our ideals of Truth, Justice and Freedom
and by the Heroic Sacrifices of our people and warriors.
The price that we have paid is not calculable.

The God we worship is a God of Truth, Justice and Peace,
and the Dedication we bring for our Cause is sacred.
Hence if God is with us, who is against us?

Let us resolve to double up our efforts during the coming Year 2008
for the Cause of our Freedom.

Thamilarin Thaaham Thamil Eelath Thayaham


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