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TRO Situation Report

by Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, January 17, 2009

Overall, 2632 civilians have been confirmed killed and more than 6700 injured over the past 2 years in the NorthEast as a result of military actions by the GoSL. Additionally, over 6,000 people have disappeared or been extra-judicially killed by GoSL forces or paramilitaries affiliated with the government.

As a result of Kfir jet bombings and Sri Lanka Army artillery attacks overt he past month 70 displaced people have been killed and 152 people injured.

Please find attached TRO Vanni's latest Situation Report & Appeal  PDF file (Online Version)
Please watch the latest videos from the TRO Vanni (new videos will be uploaded in the next 24 hours)
You Tube Channel:
Video 1:  interview with woman displaced by Sri Lanka Army bombing & shelling - 13 jan 09
Video 2:  13 jan Tamil civilians displaced by Sri Lanka Army millitary offensive  
Video 3:  Bombing & Shelling of civilians by the Sri Lanka Air Force & Jan '09 displacement



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