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Association of Tamils of Sri Lanka in the USA

Recent Discussions on Sri Lanka and the Tamil Crisis in the International Arena

Video of February 24, 2009 Senate hearing on Sri Lanka here, from ~ minute 17.

Senator Robert Casey, Jr.'s opening statement to Feb. 24, 2009 Senate hearing on Sri Lanka here.

Amb. Lunstead testimony here.

Anna Neistat, Human Rights Watch testimony here.

Bob Dietz, Committee to Protect Journalists here.

Bruce Fein, Tamils Against Genocide written testimony here.

Karen Parker, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers written testimony here.

Tamil American associations joint written testimony here.

London's Frontline press club Feb. 24, 2009 discussion here.

John Holmes' Feb. 27, 2009 briefing of the UN Security Council here.

Questions from the press following UN Security Council briefing here.