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India, India, None but India is All

by T Vazhuthy, Puthinam, February 1, 2009

We have been asking the International Community and the UN to enforce sanctions on Sri Lanka so as to stop the genocide perpetrated by the Government.

We must realize that it is not the Sri Lankan Government that is responsible for the ruthless massacre of the Tamils. It is India which is at the helm of this sinister campaign.

We have to realize that this is a war engineered by India and Sri Lanka is merely its puppet.

Translated from Tamil by Appapillai Rajendra.

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T. Vazhuthi in this analysis is examining the root cause of the current conflict and the forces behind the rapidly escalating military campaign in Vanni today that is consuming human lives, who the real enemy of the Tamils is, and what the Tamil Diaspora have to do to defeat it.

Sri Lanka's new flag

According to the well researched and reliably collected information by the news section of Puthinam, 439 Tamils have been brutally killed in Sri Lanka during the one month period beginning the first of January 2009.

The number of infants, toddlers, young children and the very aged Tamils who have been very critically injured amount to 1772.

In other words, on an average 14 Tamils have been killed and 57 injured on a daily basis.

It should be noted that this daily count does not in any way include the battlefront casualties or injuries to the Liberation Tigers, although they too are Tamils.

Besides the above, there is reliable information from sources that prefer not to expose their identity for their personal safety, that about 160 young girls and boys who moved out of Vanni were taken by Sri Lankan Armed forces to secretly located interrogation centers, tortured, then killed and buried.

It is clear that in reality this is nothing other than a Genocide.

Now - we have to clearly seek as to who is stagemanaging this war of annihilating the Tamil race, and what we should do to overcome it.

Sri Lanka is merely a puppet; this is India’s war.

India will not stop this war until it meets its objective, whether Sri Lanka likes it or not.

Not only are the Indian military officials manning the command centers, they are also taking part in the battlefront activities.

Highflying Indian unmanned surveillance crafts are spying on the LTTE-controlled area of the Vanni 24 hours of the day.

Indian radar installations are monitoring the Bay of Bengal 24 hours of the day.

Not even a tiny fishing boat can sail without India’s consent.

Although the LTTE is aware of this Indian involvement, because of the code of behavior and tactful diplomatic protocol, it is unable to come out with it openly.

While providing the guidelines to execute the war on the one hand, on the other India is giving the advice as to how Sri Lanka can tactfully counter adverse international pressure.

Even if Sri Lanka were to head on to economic failure, India is ever willing to prop up its economy for it to pursue the war.

Even if the Sri Lankan Army suffers a downturn in its manpower, India will willingly provide the fighting force to persecute the war.

Even if the dead (Tamils) pile up in the Vanni or any number of Muthukumars immolate themselves before the “Sastri Bavan,” Sonya’s soul would never melt.

The might and the terror tactics of the Indian Congress will not cease until the Tamil National fervor is squashed.

Sonia Gandhi is not going to have a peaceful sleep until she drives the last nail on Prabakaran’s coffin.

Although Rajiv Gandhi died long years back - vengeance has not ceased till yesterday or today, nor will it tomorrow or in the years to come. In fact, Tamils will ever be the target of revenge and settling of scores for posterity by the Congress in India.

By sending emissaries like Shivshankar Menon andPranab Mukerji, and making the food aid sent by Tamil Nadu a big issue, India has systematically distanced the international community from the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict.

Very recently, Norway’s Eric Solheim had told the LTTE that there is nothing in their hands anymore.

Tamils of the World!... This is Our Time:  This Time is for us.

We should join hands with the Seventy Million Tamils of Tamil Nadu, who are emotionally charged to a mammoth forum as an order of World Tamils to once and for all retaliate with determination against the horrendous vengeance directed on us by the Congress Government of India.

The world over we have been staging Peace Demonstrations, Human Chains protests, in anguish or in anger, and Submitting Petitions, directing our energy and resources to achieve peace in the wrong places.

We have been asking the International Community and the UN to enforce sanctions on Sri Lanka so as to stop the genocide perpetrated by the Government.

We must realize that it is not the Sri Lankan Government that is responsible for the ruthless massacre of the Tamils. It is India which is at the helm of this sinister campaign.

We have to realize that this is a war engineered by India and Sri Lanka is merely its puppet.

In the present context, no one is going to overstep India’s dictates in South Asia, be it the Western Powers or the UN.

At most, to our annoyance, they may release a statement of sympathy, or convey their sadness. Beyond this they will not respond, because they cannot do any thing.

It is India, India and none but India is all

The demonstrations we make in front of the White House, or on Downing Street, or in Ottawa, or on the streets of the Western World, in fact, will only create pandemonium for these Governments.

This might, in a way, bring about annoyance in their governments and the minds of the foreign people and, who knows, it might even create unwanted animosity towards the Tamils.

We will need the help and cooperation of the Western World in the future. It will not reward us with any good to displease them now, when they are no way in a position to help us at present.

We should not bother them too much and we should have a far-sighted policy towards the Western World.

At the present time we should not loose sight of our attention – vigor - focus and energy other than on India.

Without carrying out several approaches in several directions in the different countries, the Tamil activists and Tamil Youth Organisations in all the different countries should team up together, guide the Tamil Diaspora and direct their actions on the right target and that is India.

The people of Tamil Nadu are fighting for our cause, and never before have we seen such a mammoth, emotionally charged uprising in Tamil Nadu. We should rally behind them. We should embrace them.

We have been waiting with patience for the last two years for a spectacular military victory of the LTTE; but it did not materialize, because India did not let it happen.

Now - we don’t have the time to wait four more months to see the downfall of the Congress Party: even after the elections, who knows what would happen.

We should enforce a blockade on all Indian embassies in the world.

It should be continuous without interruption and with large numbers flocking in front of the Embassies.

Instead of 100,000 people choking the streets of London for just one day and putting the British public to inconvenience, the Indian Embassy in London should be blockaded by 5,000 people a day, kept continuing for 20 days. Likewise, instead of the 80,000 people who flooded the streets of Toronto in one day, causing mayhem to the Canadian public we should think of taking on the Indian Embassy, blockading it with 4,000 people per day for 20 days.

And we can continue this as a rotation.

In this manner it should be done in every country

All over the world - the Indian Embassies should be flooded with this type of sathiagraha so that they may not be able to function.

With such a continuous protest, we should make it impossible for the Embassy officers to enter the Embassy premises, or to carry out their daily activities. so that they will complain to Delhi.

We have to make it loud and clear to the world that it is not Sri Lanka, but India which is the mastermind and schemer for the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Because India is responsible for the killing of Tamils we have to hold India accountable for the genocide.

We have to tarnish the image of India for its role in destroying us, a ancient, civilized race. We have to put the shame on India’s face.

Our action must be focused in this direction.

In fact we don’t have to tell anything to the leaders of the western world or their policymakers.

If we can stage our protest with our might by the thousands in front of all the Indian Embassies in the world, it will suffice to convey what we have to say to the leaders of those countries.

We have to convince the western world to act against the will of India, on the Tamils’ issue.

By making the Western world to make this decision, we can persuade the Congress policymakers to act against the will of Sonia Gandhi.

We have to be clear in our approach:

It is not Sri Lanka; it is India which is our enemy. We should not waste our energy and resources on the leaders of the Western World. Therefore, we have to direct our concerns and action on India and not on Sri Lanka.

We have to put an end to this sole antagonist, once and for all.

Our call for action directed on India should be with the same message through out the world.

  • Remove the Ban on the LTTE
  • Endorse the Tamil Eelam freedom struggle.
  • Stop all Military Aid to Sri Lanka.

Fifteen Tamils are being killed every day; we have no time to relax and contemplate. We also know how to save them and our homeland.

We should act immediately!

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