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Tears Taste Like Salt

by Satheesh Thadchanamoorthy, April 23,2009

Dahlias covered in morning due
Foliage enriched by foggiest view
Greenest picture, it soothed my nerves
Thought of my relatives flooded my sight.

Theories are ample, I read them with interest
Can justify anything, my intellect intact
Soul speaks faintly, yet message is sound
At the end of my day, there is only one truth.

Transcending isms we have our instinct
Conquering escapes truth dances in face
Injustice overt yet world remains at ease
I can’t turn…they are my relatives.

Dahlias remind me severed heads
Red seems fake, as blood looks bright
Limbs and flesh, Tamil cells feed birds
I can’t breathe…Hey, tears taste like salt!