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Public Health in Tamil IDP Detention Camps June - November 2009

by Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health, November 2009

How one sees these numbers will depend on one's perspective. Some will say what a wonderful job the GoSL did in bringing down the death rate. Others will remember how the GoSL caused that high death rate by starvation, an embargo on health supplies and heavy bombardment of civilians and will believe that many deaths in the camps will have gone uncounted.

Daily deaths in IDP camps in Vavuniya in June to November 2009

Daily deaths in Tamil IDP detention camps in June to November 2009 Vavuniya Sri Lanka


Comparison of cause of death in June and October

Comparison of cause of death in June and October 2009 Tamil IDP detention camps Vavuniya Sri Lanka

Cause of death pattern (22nd July-9th November)


Incidence of communicable diseases in IDP Welfare villages from June to November


From 6th August to 5th of November,

•Number of persons resettled

  Jaffna- 66000

  Mullativu- 16000

  Trincomalee- 4271

  Mannar- 7000

  Batticloa- 2424 

  Killinochchi- 10000

  Ampara- 257

  Vavuniya- 8643

•Some more have been resettled after 5th November.

•Total resettled up to date: 131000


Mullaitivu District

Resettlement Areas

•Mallavi and Thunukkai area – About 16,000

•Oddusudan area- About 1400

•Manthai East – About 5000

Main referral Hospitals

• Mallavi BH

•CD Thunukkai

•Oddusudan DH

•Naddaankandal DH


Kilinochchi District

Resettlement Areas

•Karachchi and Poonekary DS Divisions – About 10,000

•Currently 1000 resettled in Poonekary Division.

Main referral centers

•Akkarayan DH

•Mulankivl BH

•Uruthirapuram DH

•Veravil DH


Mannar District

Resettlement areas 

•Manthai West and Mannar Town – for about 7000

Main Referral centers

• Adampan DH 

• Periyapandiwirichan DH

• Wellankulam DH



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