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Behind Barbed Wire

by Jay A. Jasan, May 2010

Behind Barbed Wires…….

Languish Tamil Pride……..

Bold and brave're our people of Eelam

Fought to be free, they rode fear of death

Raw guts, did not stand in good stead by them

Crawl they didn't, though bullets pierced their breath

Oh! Gods of Mercy, cried angels with pity

Seeing the carnage on beeches of Vanni

Seeds of shame spilled all over humanity

Strewn across Vanni were worlds' morality

Hearts of steel stood our people against

Armies of several nations of little dignity

Blood bath of gory details ensued in silent

Clouds above shied away on scale of violence

Once proud people of rigour and valour

Trounced at battle by world of dishonour

Today Tamils languish behind barbed wire

Heydays of Tamil honour in pitiful disarray

Hands that fed visitors to brims of their bowels

Hang loose on barbed wires begging for hand outs

Rancour run deep, pain suffered hard to bear

Despair in the air, morrows seem bleak and bare

Land of plentiful stand idle, cracked and barren

Seasons come and go farms see no plough on

Ocean farers sit still by beach no fishermen to return

Soon be straighten, we pray to Gods, this humiliation

Homes and domes of temples remain bombed

Humour and piety which filled'em been emptied,

Huge bulldozers bring to ground what still stand

Burial grounds that honour sons of soil too're desecrated

Tamil pride bleeds, watching it hurts our soul

Mild mannered mandarins of world see no quarrel

Wild orchids will soon blossom on Eelam soil

Riled kids too may once again rebel if world today fail

Jay A. Jasan

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