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Tomorrow Tomorrow Never Comes

by Pulavar, February 11, 2011


Listen man - Mine mine
More mines - to demine
What mines? - Land mine

Whose mines? - Don’t ask
Mine mine – to demine
Here there and everywhere
Mine mine - Land mine

Lots more to demine
That’s right - Land mine

Who mined? - When mined?
Never mind - Mine mine

SLA mined! – yes or no?
No man - shut up, hands up
Listen. It’s all Tiger mines

Mined when? – then then by the
Tigers terrorists before we won

Who mined Jaffna after 1996 Exodus
And ‘fall’ of the East  in 2007 and
Residential areas in all the HSZs?

Who will demine - SLA and none else
We and no mother’s son, you know
MOD will do - Slowly but surely
Biding time as we do

Give us money - Give us machines
More money – That’s fine
Will tell mines galore, still
Stick Red Flags all over

When tired we will dine
Plant some mines – explode one or more
Yell ‘mine mine more mine’
And din in ‘Demine - more mine’

Call for time – to do demine
Plead for money - Money money
To demine mine, land mine
More mine, Terror mine
Mine mine, demine

Mind your B - Let our mines be
And IDPs will always there be
And that’s how we want it to be

Demining Vanni 2010


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