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A Public Meeting On “Tamil Eelam Movement: The Contemporary Crisis and Its Significance”

While the silence in intellectual circles on the genocide in Sri Lanka is grossly disproportionate to its intensity, the talks and debate on Sri Lanka in the Indian media and academia focus on either peace or reconciliation or both. What is conveniently forgotten is the struggle of the people for justice and freedom.

Dear Friends, 

The Co-ordination Committee for Oppressed Nationalities is organising a discussion on the Tamil Eelam movement at SSS1, JNU* tommorrow (April 1st) at 2.30. This will be accompanied by the documentary screeing of 'Mullaitivu saga' portraying the warcrimes of the Lankan government in the last stages of the war and the book release of 'In the name of Peace: IPKF Massacres of Tamils in Sri Lanka'. Please find our detailed pamphlet attached.

*Jawalharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


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