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Heladiva is Freed but Hela Nation is Not Yet INDEPENDENT!

by Anura Seneviratna, Lankaweb, Chicago, IL, February 2, 2011

These are the sentiments that provide the rationale for the large-scale abuse of Tamils. Hela = Sinhalese, Heladeepa = Sinhala Land. -- Editor

[T]he non indigenous minorities whose national origins are elsewhere, attempting to germinate their alien nationalities in massive violation against the Island’s heritage of Hela Sovereign Nationality. It continuously threatens the invasion of Heladiva and extinction of the Hela Nation...Every year thousands of Tamils from Tamil Nadu are illegally entering the northern areas...

Every national country belongs to ONE sovereign nation is not understood ONLY by the leaders and citizens of the country known as Sri Lanka. This confusion risen from the name Lanka with its artificial nation is the core problem. In the absence of a Srilankan nation, language and culture: the non indigenous minorities whose national origins are elsewhere, attempting to germinate their alien nationalities in massive violation against the Island’s heritage of Hela Sovereign Nationality. It continuously threatens the invasion of Heladiva and extinction of the Hela Nation.

 Although, this massive crime can be seen clearly, the pseudo national rulers from 1948 to 2005 were opposed to Hela Nationality in granting excessive alien national rights to non indigenous minorities, with intent to annihilate the Hela Nation. Therefore, while minorities in other host countries merge with the host nation, the minorities in the Hela Country are attempting to invade it. Although the island gained independence from the recent Tamil invasive terror attempt to convert Heladiva into a second Tamil Nadu (Tamil country) – Hela Nationality has not yet gained independence.

 What is Hela Independence?

 Over 50 years the leaders who masqueraded as our national leaders brainwashed the Hela Nation to believe that the Island Country belongs ALSO to Tamils and Muslims equally and separately causing a major mental confusion. Our sad situation was soon realised by the minorities and began to conspire unjustifiable and illegal alien-national demands. 

 While no other country in the world offers minorities their alien-national, language and cultural rights – the anti-Hela National rulers granted these illegal rights to minorities in Heladiva.

 1)     The then English land robbers and terrorists put the robber stamp of Ceylon to Heladiva/Sinhale’, instead of correcting it afterwards, the pseudo-national rulers named it Lanka as a trap.

2)     The artificial name Lanka violated the Sovereign Hela National Land Deed.

3)     In the absence of a genuine Lankan nation, language and culture: in addition to the authentic Hela Nation, non indigenous Tamils, Muslims were illegally given official status as “small nations”.

4)     Non indigenous Tamils, Muslims not as minorities but as official nations allowed to have separate national public holidays, an upside down concept never practised anywhere else in the world.

5)     To show multi-nations, the national Hela flag was desecrated with alien colours in violating the National Hela Sovereignty.

6)     Perilous racist or alien-national political parties were allowed to form. Suppose the non indigenous minority populations exceed the Hela populous and after a general election if they win more seats, the Hela Nation will lose our tiny Hela isle.

7)     This multi-nation trap is so barbaric in areas with more minority populations are openly branded as exclusive Tamil Muslim apartheid areas, barring Hela people but at the same time they freely settle in  areas where majority Hela people are, displaying almost a sinister invasive agenda.

8)     By organised birth increase and opting out of family planning, minorities are attempting to capture the whole island.

9)     In the north of Heladiva non indigenous Tamil minority are allowed to practice a law prohibiting the sale of private lands outside their community.

10) Like in a Muslim country, they are allowed to practise polygamy to increase population which is a threat to Hela national sovereignty.

11) As a small nation with a tiny island country, Heladiva is targeted for invasion by the support of Tamils of Tamil Nadu and Muslims of many Muslim countries.

12) The place names of north, east and other areas are illegally distorted to foreign languages of minorities.

 Above are a few of the violations against the Hela nation. Although, the island is liberated with the sacrifice of thousands of Hela lives plus many thousands disabled; there is no freedom for the Hela Nation until these national violations are removed. The threat of invasive attempts will continue until justice for the Hela Nation is duly re-gained.

 While this tragic situation exists for the Hela Nation in our national motherland, what reasoning is based on alleged discrimination against minorities? Based on justice and truth the only problem in the island is OUR NATIONAL PROBLEM. It is clear from above violations that the basic human rights of the indigenous people of Hela Nation is grossly violated. Immediate reparations for this crime is the only practical solution.

 Our setbacks

 It has to be reminded with such perilous situation looming over us, we are unable to sense it due to earlier stated crime of brainwashing us by pseudo-national rulers. Hence, some are unable to identify the organised enemy due to personal experiences through emotion in pandering to them, while appearing as patriots are lacking wisdom and a danger to the nation.

 In looking at other nations a sad strain is inherited within us. No other nation within has so many against one’s nation and country like ours. One main reason can be that Heladiva suffered endless attacks from land robbers and terrorists, who settled in the island and mixed with us causing dilution to our nationality. Positive nurturing from Buddhist doctrine was missed owing to its corruption by mythical, ritual Hinduism. This led to misconceiving the middle path and rationality falling prey to belief in a religious mode forgetting here and now. Extremes of tolerance, patience, compassion, passivity without wisdom led to the fall of the nation. A common weakness is without engaging actively, to hope security by praying is a sign of poverty in mind.

 It is the absence of this national esteem, independence and wisdom in those who appear as Hela/Sinhela patriots, unable to identify the enemy, who write spending life time and lecture incessantly about the enemy history have become shamelessly servile. It is time to stop peeping into garbage bins and mind our own business. Until we stop crawling the enemy will continue treading us.

 One aspect some cannot understand is when a certain areas is populated mostly by a minority, the area becomes the sole property of that particular community and have a sovereign right to that area. Due to this naivety on our part, minorities begin to even claim of an alien- national heritage.  As stated earlier, in every country sovereign national right belongs to ONE nation who are indigenous. Accordingly, the nation of Heladiva are the Hela Nation INCLUSIVE of all minorities and trying to prove it as some do, gives the wrong message to minorities that we have no confidence in our national ownership. Even if minority populations are majority in certain areas, the ownership to land are on personal ownership basis and they cannot claim Tamil or Muslim ownerships, which is similar to Tamil, Muslim national ownerships. Tamil national ownership rests ONLY within Tamil Nadu while Muslim national ownership in many Muslim countries of the world. Every square inch of Heladiva is under the domain of inalienable national Hela sovereignty.

 However much richness is measured in accumulated material wealth, lack of wisdom is real poverty. Wisdom is the core to our national sustenance. Proof of our lacking in wisdom and courage is shown clearly by our inability to recognise our enemy, Dravidian from the Indian subcontinent who for nearly 2,000 years and still do not allow us to progress as a nation within our own national motherland. The recent Western robber nations too committed acts of terror against us but they left us, yet the Dravidian-Tamil who committed plunder, pillage and genocide now attempting to turn it into a Tamil national struggle, in a shameless barbarous fashion.

Despite the existence of Tamil Nadu (Tamil country) with 70 million Tamil nation plus over 30 million Tamils settled in host countries, they have the mindless audacity to interfere in our Island Country.


 When every nation is aware of their inviolable right to their national land, our lack of awareness to this  inalienable right is the reason why the Tamil threat is still continuing, despite liberating the island from invasive terror. Independence to Hela Nation means establishing our sovereign national ownership to Heladiva. All minorities are to be INCLUSIVE Hela National citizens is the bottom line. It is natural design that world has evolved into separate national countries. For our success, joy and sustenance we too must defend our place on earth vehemently and never even imagine to resort to lowly acts of demanding national rights in host countries or attempt to rob lands of host countries who allowed us to settle down.  It is ignoring this wholesome national concept that we and country have suffered so long.

 Warning of additional danger 

 Every year thousands of Tamils from Tamil Nadu are illegally entering the northern areas, for which their Tamil kin in Heladiva and Tamil invasive terror gang are offering support. In fact, pushing the manpower of 70 million Tamils of Tamil Nadu into Heladiva is another ploy in their invasive focus. Making matters worse, migrants from Maldives and Middle East too are allowed to enter because they wave dollar bills, is another dangerous  invasive threat. Over 20 million population in Heladiva is high, compared to the whole Australian continent whose population is also 20 million. This is an additional threat to the independence of the Hela Nation and justice for us is long overdue, as we never gained independence in 1948!

 Anura seneviratna (for expat Hela team). 


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