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Wearing Thin

by Indran Amirthanayagam, July 15, 2011

These smart, smug, 
schmucks who believe 
9/11 gave then license 

to stamp out restive 
minorities, labeling 
every kid and his mum 

siblings and progenitors 
of terrorists, gypsy 

of the Vanni 
game for shelling 
in hospital, tent, 

on the road, revealed 
now by trophy camera, 
cell phone, drone, 

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields 
requiring a worldwide 
publicity campaign 

for the Rajapakse boys 
who must  be perplexed 
by the extreme foreign 

exchange cost 
of their millennial 
triumph. The world 

will forget they bet, 
not realizing 
that Simon Wiesenthal 

is a living concept, 
and even the patience 
of the United States-- 

about lack of 
unmonitored access 
to the North, 

of prisoners hidden 
out of sight, 

killing in peace time, 
all the blanks 

in the nation’s 
accounting books, 
is wearing out.


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