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In Transition: Steamy General Side Up in Public View

Who is this wild vulgar army officer?

by K.T.Rajasingham, Asian Tribune, Colombo?, January 3, 2012

If it appears to hit below the belt, well, so be it. Because, these are not our inventions. As stated at the very outset, we are not the authors of what even from a layman’s point of view appears to be seamy side of a general who stands exposed after so many years in the combat service of the nation.

Front note by Sachi Sri Kantha:

Below is a Sinhala pamphlet issued was from the Rajapaksa camp to discredit Fonseka sourced through the Asian Tribune. My focus, (1) as I infer at the end, is  that all the suicide bomber assassination descriptions need a review; (2) As the pamphlet's questions (not all, but even a fraction of them) are  true, it reflects badly on the Sri Lankan military affairs and how the Rajapaksa  camp has hidden it, during the time (2005-2010) when he was the President. As I indicated, Fonseka camp failed to respond to this  pamphlet, as I'm aware of it. Now, after the fall out of Fonseka and  Rajapaksa, this issue seems to have vanished in thin air.




Sarath Fonseka drawingThere is an element of hesitation in writing the following few points that concern a top general of the Sri Lanka army since retired. Who he is and what he did to earn notoriety is something we leave to the readers to discern and appreciate.

There is no originality in this column. It was simply borrowed from a pamphlet that is making rounds for a while. Our contribution is limited to translating what was originally in Sinhala and bring it to the notice of a wider audience inside and outside the shores of our country.

The issues that are kicked up in the pamphlet and the questions that are brought upfront do sound vulgar here and there. What can we do? We are helpless. That is what is written in the original Sinhala and that is what is being circulated.


SL Army General Sarath Fonseka

If it appears to hit below the belt, well, so be it. Because, these are not our inventions. As stated at the very outset, we are not the authors of what even from a layman’s point of view appears to be seamy side of a general who stands exposed after so many years in the combat service of the nation.

One wonders why no one who was any one of consequence in the forces much less the victims of the General’s advances cared to put focus on the amorphous life that makes pulp fiction pale into insignificance.

So, without much ado, let us get down to the business of recounting what is creating mirth to millions around the country. With a caveat. That is that the person/s, who feels aggrieved on reading the following, should clear their name in their own way with the original authors of the pamphlet and tell us the outcome so that we can feature the same in the columns of Asian Tribune.

This is how the pamphlet reads in translation:.

Who is this Wild Vulgar Army Officer?

1. Who became the last of 16 participants of the 3rd Cadet Batch Course in 1970?

2. Who raped the domestic servant named Dhanawathie, then employed by Major General G P Kulatunge of the Sinha Regiment inside a room at the training camp in Diyathalawa and then got punished for the crime at that time and later was lucky enough to be the Head of the Army? Dhanawathie went mad later and the charge sheet can be produced.

3. Who is the only commander in any army in the world who got disqualified to receive the highest honour for the best conduct and discipline in the army?

4. Who is the senior officer with a history of homosexual relationships with poor barmen who served in the officers’ bungalows?

5. Who loves the company of lesbian army soldiers?

6. Who is the army officer who bites the breasts of women soldiers until they bleed while they are in bed with him?

7. Who is the army officer who frowns upon the junior men while fancying the women soldiers so much?

8. Who loves to inspect the hostels of women soldiers so much and then leave the personal mobile number on a notice board to contact him if they have any issue to be resolved – and then laying traps to get them to bed?

Anoja Kuhanesarasa, pregnant [in April 2006]

Anoja Kuhanesarasa, pregnant [in April 2006]

9. Who protected Captain Lakshmi Denagama, the woman with bad breath who used to rob innocent parents of soldiers while being in charge of the section of entering their children to schools? Who provided her with a luxury car, a driver and unlimited fuel something even very senior officers were denied of?

10. Who used to sleep with the two notorious women soldiers – Priyangani and Sakalasuriya – with an enviable reputation of a pair of whores who could even sleep with three wheel drivers and later promoted them in the rank while enjoying with both of them in bed at the same time?

11. Who had a paradise of women (71 all told) comprising officers and soldiers alike – Capt Lakshimi Denagama, Capt Preethi Weeraratne, Ridmike , Officer Nandani Menike, Cprl Jayasuriya etc? One woman officer even produced two offspring by this Mr Clean – something that a DNA test could prove.

12. Who used to have sexual intercourse with the woman suicide bomber twice while having lunch in the army headquarters before being partially blown up by the same woman just before the third occasion that the LTTE used as a perfect honey trap?

13. Who plotted the murder of Major General Parami Kulatunge who hailed from a decent stock and was in line to be the chief of the army?

14. Who avenges the officers while appeasing women soldiers?

Manjula Devi Kanapathipillai, non-pregnant [in July 2006]

Manjula Devi Kanapathipillai, non-pregnant [in July 2006]

15. How can humble women soldiers get thing done in a split second which even generals can’t get done in months?

16. Who behave like a puppy on the orders of ordinary, but attractive women soldiers?

17. Who is the honorary officer who was twice caught gonorrhoea?

18. Who is the gentleman who can’t resist kissing women underwear on a line in the sun?

19. Who used 43 luxury vehicles and 27 motor bicycles while preaching about cutting down on waste in the government?

Who obtained Rs 10 million by deception before going to England to follow the RCDS course?

21. Who sold the benz car thus purchased by that money back in Sri Lanka to make Rs 2million?

22. Who provided the disgraced Col Kapila Ratnayake with a luxury car, 6 soldiers and unlimited petrol - sacked from the army in the past - after being reinstalled at a higher rank while asking the higher officers to be prudent?

23. How can someone own two luxury houses in Oaklahoma in America, buy expensive shirts made in England, own a holiday home in Nuwara-Eliya, educate daughters in America who couldn’t even settle the bill for his arrack drink, when held the rank of Major or Colonel?

24. Who made Rs 49 lakhs worth telephone calls using the satellite phone while being in charge of Northern and Wanni command?

25. Who made over 50 million rupees while awarding contracts to friends and relatives?

26. Who promoted the officers with the least capability to higher ranks who are in return are even prepared to offer their wives to the great gentleman?

27. Who air-conditioned the official bungalow just to give his daughter in marriage while using army resources and manpower for the purpose?

28. During the second JVP resurrection who killed scores of associates of JVPers while raping their women?

29. Who owns 10-acre teak land in Anamaduwa where army soldiers were used for private purposes?

30. Who is responsible for the Muhamalai and Kilaly debacles where we lost tanks, men and morale as never before? Is this vindictive character worth a grain of dust tread on by great Densil Kobbedaduwa

31. Who ordered not to accept the bodies of soldiers during the operation North and West of Vavunia in June 2007?

32. Who embarrassed the government by ordering to expel Tamil civilians from lodges?

33. Who is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Kaviraj and Pararajasingham?

34. Who violated his own code of conduct without any form of shame like Hitler during the Holocaust?

35. Who is the only soldier in our history, lucky enough to be in the company of 71 women since the times of King Vijaya?

36. Who is responsible for permanently disabling well over 7000 young soldiers while sacrificing a similar number to bolster his ego?

37. Who is the only commander in the world who could only please two generals and 4 brigadiers while antagonizing the rest of all officers?

38. Who has impending 47 law suites against him by the very people in the army for violating their basic rights?

39. Isn’t it the time to chase out this wolf in sheep’s clothing before it is too late?

PS: Asian Tribune learnt that this pamphlet with the questions given above was sent to a former Chief Justice for his kind information and advice by a group of affected Sri Lankan Army officials. Unfortunately the man who don the highest position in the Sri Lankan judiciary was himself a man with immoral character who was caught at the Diyawanna Park (near the Parliamentary Complex) with a young girl, in compromising position involved with activities unbecoming of a man of highest position, who was entrusted to uphold law and interpret it, inside his parked car, presenting himself as a law unto himself, and was arrested by the police, but later the case was hushed up and allowed him to go scot free. In the end he bit the hand that freed him. Today as the adage says the birds of the same feather has since of late flocked with the very corrupt personality in the country.

- Asian Tribune -

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Tragedy for democracy in Sri Lanka

Raj Gonsalkorale - 04.01.2010 - 11:33

It is a tragedy for democracy in Sri Lanka that all it has been able to produce as an Opposition candidate to contest the Presidency is a person whose poor judgement has been reconfirmed by the insistance of the Sunday Leader Editor that the interview given by the General where he let down his own troops, his commander , his subordinates and his superiors, was quoted accurately, and who is yet to respond to accusations about his possible involvement in numerous scandals involving his son in law, and now, a person with questionable traits in his moral character if the allegations contained in the document that is circulating in Sri Lanka are correct. As predicted by many including this commentator, a man who was held in high esteem as Sri Lanka's Army Commander, has now become an ordinary politician with a lot of mud on him. Whether all these allegations are credible or not, one has to take note that there cannot be so much smoke without any fire. This once much respected Army Commander will never be able to wash all the mud on him, and the Opposition will not be able to parade him as their "Mr Clean" anymore, as that has now become the least credible traits of their candidate.

Officer and the Un-gentleman

Raju - 03.01.2010 - 19:52

Most of the information listed in the article is common knowledge in the military circles for years. Very appointment of Sarath Fonseka as the Army Commander was a surprise for most of the officers and men. Parami Kulathunge's demise was directly attributed to SF actions. However, most of the men also had one mission to get rid of the LTTE. For that the combination of this callus officer and the Defence Secretary who provided the real leadership was a good combination.
The beginning of the war SF was absent from the theatre nursing wounds from the bomb blast in Singapore. By the time he was able to assume duties the initial phase of the war was successfully completed. If not for the success of SLN to destroy the floating weapons arsenal, Army would have done very little. It took more than 4 months to move 4km from Mankulam due to heavy barrage of mortar. However, due to the success or SLN they Army managed to advance without fear.
Since then it has come to common knowledge that SF was in China on a private mission seeking more ammunition with his family visiting the great wall when the war ended. It perhaps resulted in displeasure of SF with the government who did not want to accept the infamous arms shipment worth 40 million dollars ordered by him.
Finding assistance from Presidential Scholarship Fund to send his daughter to study in US is also legendary of this Army Officer who speaks with vengeance now. However, he has been a man working on a different agenda to make difficulties for the government from the beginning. The utterance that SL belongs to Sinhala is famous. That statement could have derailed the war at a very crucial time.
A person who insisted to raise the Army strength by further 100,000 men after the war was very questionable given to statements SF is making since he retired from the Army. It would have been a real burden for Sri Lankan government to pay for additional soldiers on top of existing 200,000 men. This man perhaps had sinister ideas going by his own words coming out recently.

Even though it is not

Samantha Perera - 05.01.2010 - 12:06

Even though it is not relevant in the current context, having a stronger military is something we need to look at in the near future. May be it is SLN we need to expand, not SLA. A small country like Sri Lanka shall always be prepared for the war we will never have to fight. It shall be a simultaneous process to improve SLDF and economy. Nevertheless, true intents of Fonseka for raising a bigger SLA is questionable, in retrospect.


‘Voting was determined by political issues in other countries, says Sri Lanka.

Hindu/ March 22, 2012.

Terming the success of the resolution against Sri Lanka “a cynical negation of the purposes for which the Human Rights Council was established,” Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris contended that “the most distressing feature” was that the voting was determined “not by the merits of a particular issue but by the strategic alliances and domestic political issues in other countries, which have nothing to do with the subject matter of the resolution.”

Despite Sri Lanka not making any progress on accountability or human rights issues — apart from the issue of granting political rights to the Tamils in the Northern Province, almost three years after the end of the war — Prof. Peiris chose to blame “domestic political issues” — a direct reference to the pressure applied by Tamil Nadu political parties — for the debacle at the UNHRC.

The Sri Lankan argument has been that the report of the committee that went into the causes of the war — the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission report — was submitted only in December last year and since then, Sri Lanka had appointed three committees to implement its recommendations.

Thanking countries that voted against the U.S. resolution, Prof. Peiris said that it was a “matter of great satisfaction” that they voted “despite the intensity of pressure, in a variety of forms, exerted on them.” He also thanked the eight countries “which, by abstaining, declined to support the Resolution.”

“Narrow margin”

Taking their absence as a positive vote, he said the final result was that 23 countries, out of a total of 47 members of the Council, did not support the Resolution, while 24 supported it. “The margin was as narrow as this. Many countries which voted with Sri Lanka were acutely conscious of the danger of setting a precedent which enables ad hoc intervention by powerful countries in the internal affairs of other nations. This is a highly selective and arbitrary process not governed by objective norms or criteria of any kind. The implications of this were not lost on many countries,” he said.

According to a statement issued by the U.S. embassy in Colombo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S., and the international community had “sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka will achieve lasting peace only through real reconciliation and accountability, and the international community stands ready to help. The next steps are clear.”

The U.S. wants Sri Lanka to implement the constructive recommendations of the LLRC and take measures to address accountability issues. “We are committed to working with the Sri Lankan government to help realise this goal, and I look forward to discussing future actions with Foreign Minister Peiris soon,” Ms. Clinton said.

One of the first non-governmental organisations to welcome the vote, the Asian Human Rights Council said the vote should “pave the way for a new period of commitment to cure the wounds of a long conflict, caused upon individuals as well as on the institutional structure of democracy and the rule of law in Sri Lanka.”



What prevented India from absenting from voting on the resolution?


Posted on: Mar 23, 2012 at 09:17 IST

Prof. G.L.Pieris was qualified in law. But, his logic in counting abstentions with the 'No' vote is a joke! The vote was divided specifically into three categories: Yes, No and Abstentions. Thus, one cannot count 'Abstentions' into a 'No' vote. It is merely a politician's gimmick to curry favor with his patron, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

from: Sachi Sri Kantha

Posted on: Mar 24, 2012 at 08:55 IST



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