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Data Reveals Scheme for Sinhala Military Colonies in Country of Eezham Tamils

by TamilNet, July 1, 2012

Details emerging from four divisional secretariats of Mullaiththeevu district in Vanni, since April this year, indicate a concerted and structural move by the occupying Sri Lanka military establishment in Vanni to legally appropriate more than 6,069 acres of public and private lands in the country of Eezham Tamils. The pattern of genocidal land grab also reveals that Mullaiththeevu district is being transformed into a military enclave of the occupying Sinhala forces. TamilNet brings out some of the data it has obtained from the civil officials who have braved the threats by the military run civil administration, in releasing the details. 

India and the US, denying nationhood and self-determination to Eezham Tamils and facilitating a ‘continued genocidal war’ in the island in the name of ‘reconciliation’ and ‘multi-culturalism’, are fully responsible for the prevailing situation, civil officials in Vanni commented. 

Meanwhile, India's visiting National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon had ‘re-iterated’ that the SL government should not delay delivering a political solution any further, media reports in Colombo said on Friday.

“In fact, the ‘solution’ conceived by the genocidal Sinhala State is what it is currently doing in the country of Eezham Tamils in an accelerated way. Whether this is what that has been meant as not to be delayed any further by Shiv Shankar Menon,” asked a senior civil official. 

Eezham Tamils have a long catalogue of experiences that, whether war or post-war, after every ‘visit’ of Indian officials, the genocidal agenda of the Sinhala state is accelerated in the island. 

The Sinhala genocidal state is now engaged in a programme, nakedly setting a paradigm on how to conduct genocide by openly naming Sinhala military colonisation schemes as ‘War Heroes villages’. 

Following are some of the details on the Sinhala military's genocidal land grab for its colonies in four of the five divisions of Mullaiththeevu district:

Odduchuddaan DS division:
At least 4,000 acres of lands are appropriated at Thiru-mu'rika'ndi to construct a city of SL military colony. 

While denying the Tamils their lands and attacking those who claim their lands back resisting military threats, the SL military is bent on completing the military settlement at Thirumu'rika'ndi under the Sinhala project name ‘Ranaviru Gammana’ (War Heroes Village). 

Allocating ‘development’ funds under SL President Mahinda Rajapkasas ‘National Building and Estate Infrastructure Development Ministry’, the Ranaviru Seva Authority, a statutory board under the SL Defence Ministry, has been behind the project in Thirumu'rika'ni located in Odduchuddaan division. 

‘Mahinda Chintana‘, the programme of SL president, states that at least 50,000 such houses would be built for Sri Lankan soldiers and their families under ‘Ranaviru Gammana’.

In the projects completed in the South, each house was constructed at 1.5 million rupee. The Indian promise of 50,000 houses for Eezham Tamils, who have lost their houses in the war, is 0.5 million rupees for each house. The Indian programme is yet to commence in any meaningful scale. 

A ‘Ranaviru Gammana’ village for Sinhala soldiers will have all infrastructure facilities such as roads, water supply, electricity, telephones, bank, bus station, market place, school and hospital.

According to SL military documents, soldiers in the ‘operational areas’ are entitled to receive houses in Ranaviru Gammana on a nominal monthly instalment. 

Several ‘Ranaviru Gammanas’ are being planned in the North and East. 

At Maangku'lam, 3rd division of the SLA is attempting appropriate 98 acres of land (39.67 hectares) permanently for its military base.

Land grab details from Vanni Odduchuddaan 2012

Data from Odduchuddaan DS division [Click on the image to enlarge it]

Puthuk-kudiyiruppu DS division:
15 acres of private lands have been encroached by the occupying SL military, which has established a large camp near the junction.

The 8th regiment of the SLA has seized 800 acres of public lands at Kaiveali. 

SLA's 68-3 Brigade is appropriating 800 acres of private lands in Vallipunam. 

Karaithu'raippattu DS division:
Several Sinhalese are being settled depriving Tamil fisher folk their livelihood along the militarised coastal strip of Mullaiththeevu. 

The SL military has sought legalised transfer of large-scale public and private lands at more than 30 places. But, there are hundreds of military-localities consisting of houses of uprooted Tamil civilians. Such military-localities are found among the residential areas threatening the civilian life. 

Following are some of the large-scale appropriation being schemed by the SL military through the military-run civil administration in Karaithu'raippattu division:

Land grab details from Vanni

Data from Karaithu'raipattu (Maritime-pattu) DS division [Click on the image to enlarge it]

Thu'nukkaay DS division:

SL military is appropriating large tracts of lands in Thu'nukkaay division. It seeks 350 acres in Thearaang-ka'ndal, 200 acres in Amaithi-puram, 150 acres in Koaddai-kaddiya-ku'lam, 112 acres in Aalang-ku'lam, 50 acres in Pazhaiya-Mu'rika'ndi and 50 acres in Thenniyan-ku'lam. 

Land grab details from Vanni

Data from Thu'nukkaay DS division [Click on the image to enlarge it]

While forcefully expelled Tamils file the case at the Mullaiththeevu courts, in order to resettle them in their own villages, the number of Sinhala settlers in Tamil homeland, especially along the coastal belt of Vanni, has increased in recent times. 

Nearly six thousand uprooted Tamils are still forced to live in the detention camps, while one section of the war victims were relocated to Koampaavil-Thimpili area against their will. Koampaavil remains completely out of the radar of international attention. 

Not long ago, a Chinese-sponsored highway was built by the Sri Lankan state to facilitate transportation links between the occupied Tamil country with the South aiming to step up the structural genocide on the Tamil homeland.

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