Sri Lankan Flag – Astrologically Flawed

Anita Pratap

In an article titled “Wounded Pride of Lions”

Do nations have tragic flaws? I am inclined to believe they do…

In early 1983, I wrote an article on an astrologer in Chennai called D.V. Krishna who designs corporate logos. He warned me that Sunday, the magazine I was then working for, was doomed – its masthead's numerological vibrations were all wrong. It would be beset with labour disputes and would eventually close down.

The prediction came true.

He also warned that Sri Lanka must change its flag – as long as it had a lion standing on three legs with the fourth holding up a sword, it would be plagued by instability and bloodshed.

Rationalists would scoff, the superstitious would advocate a flag change and the pragmatists would say if all options fail, give astrology a try. The solution probably lies in self-correction. But then flaws would not be tragic if solutions were easy to implement.

Courtesy: Outlook India

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