War or Peace in Sri Lanka, Chapter 1

This summer the Sunday Observer has serialized the first chapter of T.D.S.A. "Jungle"  Dissanayaka's new book, War or Peace in Sri Lanka,  the fourth in a series he has written on the history of Sri Lanka.  The book is to be published in October, 2003.  This first chapter is entitled 'Sri Lanka - What went wrong?'  The second chapter is expected to have the title 'Sri Lanka - Peace at what cost?' 

It is the title of this second chapter which alerts one that there is political project in this history.  It will be curious to discover what price Dissanayaka thinks he will pay for peace.

The second alert, if one needs it, is that out of 5 installments to the first chapter, 2 are devoted to the Muslim situation in the East.  The Muslims are frequently used as a wedge between the two other ethnic groups and it seems the author intends to do this again. 

It might be interesting for sangam readers to respond to this history, particularly as it is not yet in final published form.  Dissanayaka asks for comments to be mailed to his home: 20 Fonseka Place, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

In addition, substantive comments sent to sangameditor@hotmail.com will be placed in order of receipt on this page.

Chapter 1, part 1

Chapter 1, part 2

Chapter 1, part 3

Chapter 1, The Muslim Factor

Chapter 1, Addendum