Removal of Solheim by Sri Lankan Government
Peace Deception All Over Again

By Subramania Sritharan

Chandrika Government is apparently trying the same trick that Jayewardene tried successfully during Rajiv Gandhi’s “peace” efforts, as it tries to remove ambassador Erik Solheim from the peace process.

In looking at the past “peace” efforts of Jayewardene regime, one sees parallels. Until Rajiv Gandhi replaced him, G. Parthasarathy was the advisor to Indian Government on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue and Parthasarathy guided Indian policy based on some basic humanism.

Jayewardene successfully persuaded Rajiv Gandhi to remove Parthasarathy out of that position. Misleading Rajiv Gandhi from that point onward was not too difficult for the old fox. The Indian fiasco with the IPKF efforts may be largely blamed on the removal of G.P. from the pivotal position of responsibility.

Chandrika is trying to repeat this devious procedure one more time.

The idea is simple – remove Solheim and do not bring in any body who understands the plight of suffering people in the conflict, and then manage situation by deception.

The strategy is to remove Erik Solheim (who appears to have some understanding of the plight of the Tamil people) and continue the Peace Bluff for the sake of getting the aid dollars – and divert it to continue the war; remove Erik Solheim and bring in a person who may not understand the deceptive paths of the Sri Lankan government. Confusing the new “peace envoy” and depicting a devilish picture of Tamils will not be too difficult from that point onwards, as the thinking appears to continue.

Parthasarathy may be a disposable Tamil but the world community can sense the insincerity of the Chandrika Government as it tries to remove Erik Solheim.

COURTESY: Circle Digest [13 June 2001; Volume 2001:Number 2436]