The Latest Move by Sri Lanka  is leading by default to Tamil Eelam

The  Interim Council is now the  topic in Sri Lankan politics.
Under the present constitution, in 1988, India was ready to implement an Interim Council for northeast of Sri Lanka. The present president offered an Interim Council to the LTTE in 1994 for ten years. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe received an overwhelming mandate from the people of Sri Lanka for an Interim Council for the northeast of Sri Lanka when he won the election in 2000. Now that the LTTE is  ready to accept this Interim Council, all so-called peace-loving, honest Singhala politicians suddenly  refuse to offer one by hiding behind JR's constitution. This Interim Council is to implement the rehabilitation and resettlement of Tamils who were harmed and displaced by the Sri Lankan government's meaningless war. The LTTE's Interim Council would be a no nonsense structure that could develop the economy and help the survival of the northeast Tamils. It would be far better than the Sri Lankan bureaucracy.  We will see  a  quick and productive development under the LTTE with no waste, contrary to what occurs under the administration of the Sri Lankan government. The LTTE's de facto state is an exemplary institution.

Both Singhala parties have accepted the concept of federalism for Tamils under the present peace talks, but the mood in Colombo is against such federalism. The Interim Council is a good challenge for Tamils and Sri Lanka. Those who are reformed-minded in Sri Lanka should take challenges like creating the Interim Council as a protocol for accepting federalism. After fifty  years of struggle, the only option for Tamils is separation from Singhala South unless substantial autonomy and powersharing can be implemented . This may be the last chance for both Singhala parties. They should unite for the  sake of peace and suspend the constitution in order to move forward toward the Interim Council and a new federal constitution. If they fail, they are conceding - or permitting - Tamil Eelam to the Tamils.

By: Tamilkumaran