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What's New...

Pirapaharan: Chapter 2

            - a series by T. Sabaratnam         

            - Previous chapters

Unaccompanied minor bill needs support
Refugee Children Improperly Detained in US  
Refugee Policy Director position open at HRW  
Refugees Seeking Asylum Suffer Behind Bars
A message from Sachi Sri Kantha  
Uthayam 2003, June 21
'The Psychology of the Fool'  
Mineral sands and an indigenous administration
The Cost of the Unitary State's Internal Colonialism  
Poverty Reduction Strategy  
Who'll Take My Place?!
Unequal Rights in Ceylon & the US  

Kannadasan's Pledge Song for Eelam

Preserve the Core AND Stimulate Progress

The Peace Cannot be Abandoned, Part 4


                                                         Part 3

                                                         Part 2                                                        

                                                         Part 1  

                           - by Brian Seneviratne

One Sri Lanka, Two Systems  
Donor conference: Who will benefit from the funds?  
'Powerful' malaria drug developed  
Imagination to Progress
Tamil Eelam by default  

The Sri Lankan Peace Process  

                                  - by M.Natarajan

FeTNA poster  
World Refugee Day, June 20  
Constitutionally, a Risky Business  
Peace & the Constitution: Catch 22?  
Tiger Letter Nails Slippery UNF
Kannathil Muththamil highlight of 10-Day NY festival  
"Best Foreign Film" awards for 'In the Name of the Buddha'  
Sri Lanka's peace process : from crisis to paradigm shift?  
Stories of Survival: Asylum Seekers in America
The Ineffective UN & the Tamils
Returning to Iraq, Few Kurds Want to be Part of It  
Floods &  the Tokyo parley
Hearts of gold...  
If you draw a line, we will pave a road  
Interim Administration Proposal  
TRO Fundraiser in New Jersey June 8  
Substantial autonomy or separate state?
Indian media's fishing expedition
Summer in Vanni  
Calling Talented Children - TCEF  
Reasons for Thileepan's fast  
Bishop Ambalavanar's Last Charge  
Blame Game - TG's June, 2002 editorial  
Jaffna as I see it  
The Wasteland that is Wanni  
The United States and the Sri Lankan Peace Process
Bougainville & Tamil Eelam  
Bank of Tamil Eelam  

Ceasefire Anniversary  

                    - Tamil Guardian

Balance of Power  
Map of Jaffna HSZs (in green) & Army Camps (in red) (a jpg file)