A Collection of papers on the conflict in Sri Lanka published by the AGOTUS
bulletBuddhist Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.
One item that has not received any serious attention in the discussions on the Sri Lanka constitution, is the one in Chapter II, titled Buddhism... this proposed article seeks to establish and entrench, a constitutionally guaranteed superior status to Buddhism...
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bulletThe War in Sri Lanka: An Analysis.
The April 2nd (1997) accord between two Sinhala parties, brokered by Britain, has received widespread publicity, critique, and above all, much hope...
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bulletThe Failed Peace Process of 1994-95.
The peace talks between the Sri Lanka government and the LTTE broke down on April 19, 1995. Since November ‘94, there were four rounds of direct talks, and more than 40 letters were exchanged between the negotiating parties. During the initial phase, there were promising gestures of goodwill from both sides..
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bulletThe Indian Intervention of 1987.
On the 29th of July 1987, the historic Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was signed. Six days later Mr. V. Prabakaran, although not a signatory to the accord, declared to a gathering of over a hundred thousand people that, he has accepted the accord. In his address at the Sudumalai Amman temple in Jaffna on August 4th, he said, "Were we not to hand over our weapons we would be put in the calamitous circumstance of clashing with the Indian Army. We do not wants this..." And yet, six weeks later he did clash with the Indian army... To any sensible, intelligent person this would seem totally irrational. Was Prabakaran guilty of being contentious and irrational?

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bulletA Memorandum to the US Congress.
A Written Memorandum Submitted by The Action Group Of Tamils in the United States to Asia & Pacific Affairs Sub-Committee Hearing on Sri Lanka.
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