Appendix I

In the Name of His Majesty WILLIAM THE FOURTH, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith.


By His Excellency the Right HON. SIR ROBERTWILMOT HORTON, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Guelphic Order, Govemor andCommanderin Chief in and over the British Settlements and Territories in the Island of Ceylon, with the Dependencies thereof.


Weras it has been determined by His Majesty's Govermnent that the several Provinces or Districts into which the Island of Ceylon and its dependencies have heretofore been divided shall as regards the collection ofthe revenue and the extent of authority to be exercised by the respective Govemment Agents, be incorporated; and that, as regards those objects, the said Island and its dependencies shall, for the future, be divided into and comprised within five Provinces to be denominated respectively the Northem, Southem, Eastem, Westem, and Central Provincess; and whereas it is necessary to def ine the limits of each of these Provinces: It is therefore hereby proclaimed and ordained that the five Provinces aforesaid shall respectively consist of the incorporated Provincess or Districts which follow; that is to say :

The Northern Province shall consist of the country hitherto known as the Districts of Jatha, Mannar, and the Wanny, as the Dessavony of Nuwemkalawiye; and as the Island of Delft,

The Eastem Province shall consist of the country hitherto known as the Districts of Trincomalee and Batticaloa; and as the Provinces of Talamkadewe andBintenne.

The Westem Province shall consist of the country hitherto known as the Districts of Colombo, Chilaw, and Putlam; as the Dessavonies of Seven Korles, Four Korles, and Three Korles; and as the Province of Lower Bulatgamme .

The Central Province shall consist ofthe country hitherto known as the Districts of Kandy, Yatinuwera, Udunuwera, Harasiapattoo, Tumpane, Dumbere, Hewahette, Kotmale, Upper Bulatgamme, and Weyeloowa; and as the Dessavonies of Uwa, Matelle, Udapalata, andWallam

And it is f urther ordained that the term ' Evince " shall in f uture be applied to the five Provincess above enumerated, and to no other divisions ofthe said Island and its dependencies: And that the term "district" shall be applied to certain other divisions, hereinafter made and proclaimed, with reference to the administration of justice, and to the jurisdiction respectively exercised by the several Courts within the said Island, and to no other divisions thereof.

And whereas by His Majesty's Charter or Letters Patent, bearing date at Wentminster the Eighteenth day of February, in the present year One thousand Eight hundred and Thirty three, it is among other things declared, ordained, and appointed that, for the purpose ofthe administration of justice under the said Charter, the Island of Ceylon should be divided into the District of Colombo and into three Circuits therein particularly set forth and described. and it is in and by the said Charter provided that it shall be lawf ul f or the Governor, on application to him f or that purpose made in writing under the hands of the Judges of the Supreme Court, orthe majorpartofthem, butnototherwise, byPrailamationorPilamMions to be f rom time to time f or that purpose issued, to alter as occasion may require the before mentioned division ofthe said Island, and to establish any other divisions thereof, which may appear to the said Governor and Judges more conducive to the public convenience, and the effective administration of justice in the said Island: and whereas it has been represented unto us, the said Governor, under the hands of Judges ofthe said Supreme Court, that the space which it would be expedient to assign to the District of Colombo, as regards the exercise ofthe junsdiction ofthe said Supreme Court at the town of Colombo, and as diMingui~ by the said Charter from the three Circuits therein mentioned, would be too extensive of r the jurisdiction of any one District Judge: And therefore, and because according to the terms of the said Charter there can be but one Court in each District, it will be conducive to public convenience and the more effective administration of justice to alter the bef orbmentioned division of the said Ldand as regards the said District of Colombo and to establish the divisions herein afterset fords

Now know ye that we, the said Govemor, having taken into consideration the representation ofthe said judges, and having expressed Our concurrence therewith, do hereby proclaim, direct, and appoint that the district of Colombo, as regards the exercise of the jurisdiction of the said Supreme Court, and as distinguished by the said Charter f rom the three Circuits therein mentioned, shad consistofthatspace of country heretofore formingthe Collectorship of Colombo, the space f omling the Three Korles and Lower Bulatgamme, and the space f arming the Dessavony of Saffragam; and shad be bounded on the north by the Kaymel river, on the southbythe river ofBentotte, and on the west by the sea.

Colombo district No. 1 Court to be held at Colombo

Shall consist of the town of Colombo and the space contained within the Four Gravets of Colombo. so much of the Alootcoor Corle as is situated to the southward of the dandugam river; the Meddepattoo, Pallepattoo, and Addicaripattoo of the Hewagam Corle; the Pallepattoo of the salpitty Corle (Excluding Morottoo); the Addicaripattoo, the Meddepattoo (excluding the two Vidhan villages of Benmoole and Galgomoowe in the Cina Corle; and so much of the Gangabodde Pattoo in the said Corle as is situated west ofthe raod from Hangwelle to AttenegaDe.

ColomboDistrict no. 2. Court to be held at Negombo.

ShaD consist of the town of Negombo, and so much of the Alootcoor Corle as is situated north of the Dandugam river; the Hapitigam Corle; so much ofthe Cina Corle as is comprised within the divisions known as the Vidhan villages of Galgomua and Benmoolle in the Meddepattoo.

Colombo District No. 3 Court to be held at Ruanwelle.

ShaD consist ofthe space forming the Three Corles, together with the Oodoogaha Pattoo ofthe Cina Corle; so much ofthe Gangabodde Pattoo ofthe Cina Corle as is situated eastofthe road from Hangwelle toAttenegaDe; and the Oodoogaha Pattoo of the Hewagam Corle.

Colombo District No. 4. Court to be held at Caltura.

ShaD consist ofthe Pasdum Corle, and so much of Walalawitty Corle as is attached to it; Welapore Caltura and all the visages between the river of Bentotte and the Caltura river or CaDoo ganga, which are situated between the Pasdum Corle and the sea; together with the villages Desaster Caltura, Doowegamme, Oogalbodde, DediaweDe, and so much of as is situated south of the limitary stone inthatvillage.

Colombo Dzstrrrt No. S. Court to be held at Pantura.

ShallconsistofPanturaandits annexedvillages;theRygam Corle, exappling the villages of the Rygam Corle which are above enumerated as attached to the Colombo DistritNo. 4; the Oodoogaha Pattoo ofthe Salpitty Corle; andthevillages attached to the Eldhan of Morottoo in the Pallepattoo of the Salpitty Corle .

Colombo Distrust No. 6. Court to be huld at Ratnapoora.

Shall consist of the Dessavony or Province of Saffragam.

And where as the Governorofthe saidIslandisin andbythe saidCharter authorized and required, with the concurrence of the Judges of the Supreme Court, orthe majorpartofthem butnotothelwise, by E*darBbonorP>clamations to be by him for that purpose from time to time issued, to subdivide each of the Circuits mentioned and described in the said Charter as Northern, Southern, and Eastern Circuits into Districts in such manner as may best consist with and promote the prompt and effectual administration of justice therein, as is in and by the said Charter provided: we do further proclaim, direct and appoint that the several Circuits shall be divided as follows:

1st. The said Northern Circuit shall be divided into nine districts, to be called as hereunder expressed. And the places at which courts thereof shall be held shall bethose subboinedto the names ofthe districts respectively:

District District Court to be held at
Chillaw and Putlam Putlam
Manar Manar
Nuwerakalawiya Anarajahpoora
Jaffna Jaffna
Walligammo Mallagam
Waddimoratchi Point Pedro
Tenmoratchi and Pachelapalle Chavagacherry
The Islands Cayts
Wanny Moolitivoe

The limits of which said several districts shall be respectively as follows:

The District of Chilaw and Putlam shall consist ofthe several divisions of Chilaw, Putlam, Calpentyn, andthe Demellpattoo.

The District of Manar shall consist ofthe Province ofthat name, together with the Parish of Illepecadewe, and the following Provinces which formerly formed part ofthe Collectorship ofthe Wanny: Kelekomole North, Kelekomole South, Odeaoor, Nadoe Chetty Colom, Sinne Chetty Colom, Meerakomole, Pannengammo, and Toonukay.

The District of Nuwerakalawiya shall consist ofthe Province or Dessavony ofthatname.

The District of Jaffina shn11 consist ofthe Parishes of Nalloor, Wanarponne, Chundicooly, Copay, Poottoor, Oodooville, Manipaay, Poonoryn, Polwerayancadoo, and the Island of Two Brothers.

The District of Wallegammo shall consist ofthe Parishes of Atchowely, Mylitty, Mallagam, Tellipalle, Pandaterripo, Changane, and Battecotte.

The District dWad~ shall consist of the Parishes of Oodoopity, Cattewely, and Point Pedro.

The District of Tenmoratchie and Patchelapalle shall consist of the Parishes of Nawacooly, Chavagacherry, Warrene, Eludumutual, Catchay, Mogomale, Tambogammo, Plc palle, Mulllipattoo and Caretchy.

The District of The Islands shall consist ofthe Parishes of Cayts, Welene, an Alleputty; and ofthe islands of Pungertivoe, Aneletivoe, Nynativoe, Carativoe, andDelft.

The District ofthe Wanny shall consist ofthe followingProvinceswhich f ormerly f orme d a par t of the District or Col le ctorffiip of the Wan ny Karikattemol le North, Karrikattemolle South, Mulliawele, Melpattoo North, Melpattoo South, Melpattoo East, Carnawelpatto north, Carnawelpatto South, and Poodoocoodieruppoo.

2nd. The said Southern Circuit shall be divided into five districts, to be called respectively

District District Court to be held at
Ambalangodde Ballipitty Moderah
Galle Galle
Matura Matura
Hambantotte Hambantotte
Alipoot Alipoot

The limits of which said several districts shall be as follow:

The District of Ambalangodde shall consist ofthe upper division ofthe Wellebodde Pattoo, being that situated to the northward of Kickgodde river and the Wallawitte Corle, excepting so much as is included in the Colombo District No.4.

The District of Galle shall consist of the Town and Four Gravets of Galle, the Gangebodde Pattoo (ofGalle), the Talpe Pattoo, and the lower division ofthe Wellebodde Pattoo, being that situated to the southward ofthe Kickgodde river.

The DistrictofMatura shBll consist ofthe whole ofthe Bellegam Corle and Totemoone, Matura Four Gravets and the Angooroogams, Makawitte, the Gangebodde Pattoo (ofMatura), and the Muruwe Corle.

The District of Hambantotte shall consist ofthe Girway Pattoo, Kireme, Cattoene; Oedoebokke andJulampitye, andthe Magam Pattoo.

The District of Alipoot shall consist of the Province of Welasse and Kandukara, extending from the Welasse river to Welasse.

3rd. And the said eastern Circuit shall be divided into nine districts, to be called respectively

District District Court to be held at
Seven Corles Kunmagal
Four Corles Oootuankandy
Kandy Kandy
Madawalatenne Madawalatenne
Matale Fort MacDowal
Nuwera Ellia Nuwera Ellia
Badoolla Badoolla
Trincomalee Trincomalee
Batticatoa Batticatoa

The limits of which said several districts shall be as follows:The District of Seven Corles shall consist of the Dessavony of that name . The District of Four Corles shall consist of the Dessavony of that name . The District of Kandy shall consist of the Provinces of Oudanoowera, Yattenuwera, Dumbera, Hewahette Megoddotihe, the Handurankette and Gannawe Corles of Hewahette Eggodatihe, Oudapalatta, Oudabulatgama, and Dolosbagey.

The DistrictofMadawalatenne .shsll conastoftheP>vinces of Harasiapatto andTumpane.

The District of Matale shall consist ofthe Dessavony ofthat name

The District of Nuwera Ellia shall consist of the Province of Kotmale and the Maturatta and Kohoke Corles; of Hewahette Eggodatihe, and the portion of the Province of Uwa contiguous to Nuwera Elllia and to the northward and westward ofthe Hakgalla range of mountains.

The District of Badoola shall consist of the Provinces of Wallapana, Weyaloowa; Oudakinde, Meddakinde, and Yattekinde of Uwa; and Pattipola and Polwatte of Welasse.

The District of Trincomalee shall consist of the District of that name and the Province of Tamankadewe.

The DistrictofBatticaloashallconsistofthe Province ofthatname andthe Province of Bintenne.

Given at Colombo, in the said Island of Ceylon, this First day of October, in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Thirty three.

By Order of His Excellency the Governor,

P. ANSTRUTHER, Colonial Secretary.


Source: Ceylon Manual 1910. p. 279