Sri Lanka's Laws

"If the racial group constitutes a majority in the Chamber, it is omnipotent. It can count on passing all its measures and not trouble to expound or defend proposals in debate except for the purpose of saving appearances and putting its case before the country. It has only to go on voting steadily what has been previously determined on in secret, uninstructed and unmoved by arguments from any other part of the chamber, because there is no need for listening to words which cannot affect its predetermined action. The Chamber having ceased to deliberate, has become a mere voting machine, passive organ of an unseen despotism."

- Viscount Bryce; Treatise on Modern Democracies


True to this prediction, successive Sri Lanka governments dominated by Sinhala-Buddhists kept on enacting laws detrimental to Tamils and other minority groups.


bulletSri Lanka Citizenship Act - 1948
bulletEmergency Regulations No.1 of 1998
bulletSri Lanka Prevention of Terrorism Act - 1979 - Excerpts
bulletImpunity for Security Forces
bulletSri Lanka Constitution - 1978
bulletSri Lanka Constitution - 1972