"Best Foreign Film" awards for 'In the Name of the Buddha'

In The Name Of Buddha in the spotlight again

Controversial film In The Name of Buddha that won the Newport Beach Film Festival award in Los Angeles California has won another award for the Best Foreign Film at Hollywood's Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Producer Sai George said, "The huge response in America has taken us by surprise. There was disbelief at how such a tragedy had not received more attention before, but one person told me thatit is a measure of how much closer the Americans are looking at global issues now. The timing is ripe for them".

Director Rajesh Touchriver said that "The West Coast reaction has been fantastic.The people were moved by the film and the awards are a measure of that."

The film's U.S. debut has met with an emotional response to the human tragedy which has engulfed the lives of tens of thousands of people during the ethnic conflict that has gripped Sri Lanka for nearly two decades.

Some of the refugees of the tragedy were present at both festivals to witness the true story of Siva, a Lankan Tamil, who fled the war between the Tamil Tigers, the Sri Lankan military and the Indian Peacekeeping Force (IPKF).

Press officer for Da'Sai film International Limited, Carolyn Allen said the film has met with a few pockets of protest including one from the Sri Lankan government.

"The West Coast response is similar to what we have seen from human rights organisations all over the world. Some of these organisations want to screen the film at fund raising events," she added.

"The peace process in Sri Lanka is in a stalemate again and there is a desperate need to bring more global awareness to push that process onwards again. We hope the film will help to do this," Allen stated in a release.

Da'Sai Film International, Ltd. press release