Pages on Tiruchelvam Assassination

Neelan Tiruchelvam (Right) with President Kumaratunga (Left)

Formation of 'opinions' in any situation is a process. 
The final outcome of this 'process' is a judgment [an opinion] - One that may seem improper or even wrong to someone who did not experience this 'process.'

In these pages we wish to let the world have an insight into the Tamil 'thinking' (i.e. the process), about this assassination of a bright son of Tamil Eelam.

Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan media and the international newswires have chosen to publish only the Sinhala and the Collaborationist opinions. 

We are hence compelled to publish judgments and beliefs that have been left out

bulletWhither Tamil Conscience - A Reply to Radhika Coomaraswamy
bulletA Gentle response to Drs Radhika and Jehan
bulletDoctor Thiruchelvam - A Studied Silence - From Australia
bulletTULF Reaps the Whirlwind - The Action Group of Tamils (TAGOT)
bulletNeelan Thiruchelvam & Tamil Eelam - TamilNation
bulletTamil Information Center - Press Statement
bulletAmnesty's tribute exposes its political standpoint  -  Nadesan Satyendra
bulletPresident Clinton's Remarks
bulletA comment by a Tamil Pacifist

Just one strike at the heartland - By Rajpal Abeynayake

bulletIn Memory of Thiruchelvam - Pathmanaban
bulletComments of a Tamil Expatriate Youth
bulletDeath of a Tamil - M. Sreetharan
bullet An irreparable loss - Professor A. J. Wilson
bulletDeath of Neelan Thiruchelvam - Nadodi
bulletLankan Tamil Community unmoved by Thiruchelvam Assassination 
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