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  1. Balamurugan Temple, Ratnagiri, Tamil Nadu.   

    It is called Murugan's 9th Padai vedu. Very recently Maha Kumbabishegam was performed.  The temple is built on the mountain with latest technology by  Ganapati Stapadi. So if u happen to visit India, add this place to your choice of visit. 
         Also a book named "Balamuruganam Adimaiyum -Rathnagiri Varalaru " is available in Tamil with very interesting matters and photos which was written
    by Prof Subramaniyam. s. 5/03
  2. Travel to Vanni/Jaffna by road Click on the link to find more details.  K.M. 5/03

  3. A-9 Lodge in Kilinochchi    Click on the link to find more details.   K.M 5/03   

  4. Dosa Hut

    45-63 Bowne Street
    Flushing NY 11355

    Tel: 718-961-6228
    Fax: 718-961-5897


    This hole-in-the-wall restaurant next to the Hindu temple serves wonderful masala dosai and iddly!  See the review in the Village Voice:   M.K. 5/03

  5. New Asha Restaurant

    322 Victory Blvd
    Staten Island, NY 10301

    This restaurant is highly recommended.  It is not fancy, but reasonably priced and tasty.  It sells hoppers and palappam for $1.50 each and vadai 2 for $1.00.  Mutton curry and biryani packets are very good.  Here is a website for other Sri Lankan restaurants and groceries on Staten Island:     M.K. 5/03

  6. For jade, pearl jewelry and oriental art, visit LISALICO.COM.  Another site for nice jade bangles and pendants is              M.K. 4/03

  7. Tales from Indian Epics contains stories such as Bhagiratha, Shakuntala, Nala and Damayanthi, Savithri, Ramayana, Mahabharatha, and stories from the Puranas (total 29 stories, pages 306).  It is priced at $17 including shipping, with a discount for bulk orders.  It was written by a South Indian scientist living in the US for his 3 daughters.  More details are available at:                                 A.S. 4/03

  8. This website has step-by-step directions, accompanied by pictures, for putting on a sari M. K. 3/03

  9. For delicious catering of Tamil food for small events (20 people max) in the New York/New Jersey area call Kowri at 718-285-7332.  She cooks both non-vegetarian & vegetarian meals and whatever she cooks is simply luscious! Pick up in most cases. A. S. 3/03

  10. If you are starting a company or inaugurating a new product, you may need the services of this Columbia, Missouri company that specializes in brand names and trademarks.  Visit A.S. 3/03

  11. Siva, from Redbank,NJ, is giving flute lessons for beginners in New Jersey. He recently moved from Ottawa, Canada. 
    His web site is, where he both sings & plays the flute for light music.
    If anyone is interested please, call 732 450 0549.   P.C. 3/03

  12. Chenay Bay Beach Resort, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean.  Airfares to the Caribbean from the US and Canada are quite inexpensive at the moment and 80/85 degree Farenheit weather with palm trees is very welcome, so this is a good time to visit St. Croix.  This is a family oriented resort on the ocean with bungalows, a private beach, pool and restaurant and a shuttle to Christiansted, a charming little town.  There are less expensive places available, but this is attractive because the whole package is provided in a pretty, quiet setting. American citizens do not need a passport to go to St. Croix, but identification is required on the return trip. Dollars are used and English is spoken everywhere.  Tel: 1-800-548-4457,    A. S. 3/03

  13. The Bookshop & the Landmark bookshop in Spencer Plaza in Chennai are both recommended for Tamil & English books, particularly those on Tamil literature.  Spencer Plaza is one of Chennai's biggest & best shopping malls.   R. S. 3/03

  14. Kanchipuram is a day trip from Chennai and is THE place to buy sarees.  The whole town is involved in weaving the sarees in their homes and the prices are significantly less even than in Chennai.  The drive of about 50 miles takes one past several interesting old temples that one can stop & visit. R. S. 3/03

  15. Chola Restaurant, 232 East 58th St. (between 2nd & 3rd Ave.), New York City, 212-688-4619.  A pleasant restaurant with good service and a tasty selection of South Indian food.  Cost is comparable with other Indian restaurants in New York. A.S. 3/03