Violence Against the Tamil People of Sri Lanka

Since independence from the British Rule violence has been a means utilized by successive Sri Lankan governments to subjugate the Tamil people. Here are some of the reports.

Torture in Sri Lanka

International Torture Victims Day
26 June 2000

Mass Graves

UN on Torture in Sri Lanka

Documentation on Sri Lankan Disappearances - Excerpts

Puthukudiyiruppu Massacre [21 September 1990}  
 - Eleventh Anniversary

Sathurukondan Massacre [10 September 1990]

Krishanthi Kumarasamy - A Remembrance

Sangam on the Prison Massacre

Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Sri Lanka
     Print Version (Print and Distribute)

The way of the cross of a Tamil Prisoner 

Jesuit Refugee Service - Sri Lanka Special

Sri Lanka Graveyard

Sri Lanka Ranks 2nd in the World

The Lancet on Sexual Abuse of Tamil Prisoners in Sri Lanka