US Presidential election 2004

Received from a Sangam member:

I encourage Sangam members to get involved in the US 2004 presidential elections. I think now is a good time throw our support behind a candidate and engage our community to get involved locally around US. The relationships we build now with local supporters and party officials can help us if the candidate is elected to the White House.

Getting involved is easy and cost less. For example, the Dean camp holds a meeting every 1st Wednesday of each month. Check their web site (, sign up and attend these meetings. Get to know the local key players in the party and build relationships. These relationships we build now as a community will help us when we need help in the White House. Approaching these people after their candidate is elected is hard and will cost money. Now, they are looking for time and effort on our part, which some of us have more than money. They always remember the people (community) who helped them get elected.

All congressmen are also up for election this year, so we can build relationships with these politicians also. To find out how to contact your congressman, go to

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Posted January 5, 2004