Fait Accompli!?

 by M. Nadarajah

Fait Accompli!?

By M.Nadarajah

The several Governments that have been in power in Ceylon, renamed Sri Lanka, of whichever colour or hue, and whether capitalist-oriented or socialist-oriented, have had one common objective and that has been to make it a Sinhala Buddhist country, irrespective of the fact that nearly 26% of the island is non-Sinhalese and nearly 35% non-Buddhist. They imposed what has to be called a Sinhalese Constitution with a Sinhalese flag, a Sinhalese national anthem, and with Buddhism given pride of place, ignoring the wishes and feelings of religious, cultural and ethnic minorities. This constitution was coupled with discrimination in every sphere of life. Development, education, and employment opportunities were denied or restricted in minority homelands. This affected Tamils more than the more pliant Muslim minority, which was prepared to accept the crumbs that fell from the master


Posted January 16, 2004