An Indian Takeover of Sri Lanka?

 by Wakeley Paul


While both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan President are claiming friendship with the Indian government, it is obvious that the Indian government is playing up to the President rather than the LTTE. The Indian government has declined the invitation to be part of the aid donor group giving funds directly to the LTTE. Instead, they are offering arms and training for the Sinhalese Army; and aerial surveillance of the North as part and parcel of their promise to repair the Palaly Airport. Why do we need the Indians to do this? Does the S L government have no road engineers to repair the runways and redesign the airport? Why again, if Federalism is the goal of peace negotiations, does the Sri Lankan government need an airport in Palaly?

Could that not be administered by the Federal Administration of the Northeast? Or is it the government


Posted January 22, 2004