Lessons to be Learnt from the LTTE

 by Rajkumar Sivapatham

Lessons to be learnt from LTTE by Tamils

For years, the Tamils (no matter whether they are from India, Sri Lanka or any other part of the world) have been longing for a leadership that make them proud. There has not been any such organisation which made an impact on Tamils until the LTTE emerged as such an outfit. Everyone is aware that LTTE has a problem in persuading all the Tamils in the world to accept its policies. But that is not the objective of the LTTE. The LTTE is created to win back the rights of oppressed Tamils in Sri Lanka. It has no ambition of providing leadership to the Tamils of the world.

In annoyance to Sinhalese rulers, USA and Indian intelligence experts, the LTTE, by its actions, flatly refuses to get involved in matters that do not affect the people it represents. The appeals it makes to the Tamils of the world are largely related to help for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Even those appeals are mostly directed to the Sri Lankan Tamils who live outside Sri Lanka. Therefore, it does not have the ambition of


Posted January 30, 2004