The Sangam's AGM program on November 1, 2003 was filmed and significant parts have been shown on TVI USA. Below is a description of this service.


TVI USA is a Tamil language television provider owned and operated exclusively by Eelam Tamils. In addition to the standard fare of movies, cine-dramas and other cinema-centric programs, we give importance to cultural and educational programs. We provide space and support to artists from our own expatriate community to display their talent.

We are a small enterprise with limited capital. Our programming focus is understandably Eelam. Even though the vast majority of the 24/7 Tamil language movies and entertainment programming on TVI USA are produced in India, we alone broadcast daily news and important events from Eelam.

For instance, the peace negotiations between the combatants being held in Thailand, Norway and other countries have been broadcast on TVI, along with other up-to-the-minute news about what affects our people and interviews with those intimately involved in current events.

The owners and management of TVI USA believe we have a responsibility to our people and the future of Eelam Tamils everywhere to provide the best possible Tamil language news, entertainment and sports programming combined with current and informative Eelam content. To meet that responsibility, we need the help and support of every Tamil American who stands to benefit most from complete, uncensored news and in-depth coverage of vital social and political issues back home.

We are committed to maintaining an all-important connection with our unique cultural heritage as Tamils and with contemporary issues and events that affect only Eelam Tamils far from their native land.


Details on programming and subscription choices at 1-800-420-5416.


Posted November 17, 2003