EU Resolution on Sri Lanka

European Parliament Joint motion for a resolution on Sri Lanka

(Doc.: B5-0490/2003, B5-0492/2003, B5-0495/2003, B5-0498/2003, B5-0505/2003, B5-0510/2003 - Debate: 20.11.2003 - Vote: 20.11.2003)


MEPs adopted a joint resolution acknowledging the bold steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) to create the conditions in which negotiations may lead to a political solution and a lasting peace. MEPs express its deep concern about the recent developments in Sri Lanka which threaten the internationally supported peace process, notably the decisions by President Chandrika Kumaratunga to sack the three Ministers for Defence, Interior and Information and to prorogue the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The House urges the President, to work together with the democratically elected Government and its Prime Minister. MEPs welcome, therefore, the recent establishment of a committee of officials to work out the details of future working arrangements under which the President and the Prime Minister could work together on these important national issues. Lastly, Parliament calls on the Council, the Commission and the Member States to continue to monitor progress in the search for a lasting and equitable political solution based on respect for human rights and democracy and the rule of law, securing the interests of all peoples and communities on the basis of a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka. (Daily Notebook : 20-11-2003 -


Posted November 22, 2003