Notice re Pirapaharan Biography by T. Sabaratnam

The murder of renowned journalist and political commentator D. Sivaram has shaken everyone who loves freedom of opinion and freedom of the press.  It has also threatened commentators, political historians and journalists.

T. Sabaratnam, who has recorded the events connected with Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict, highlighting the impact of the Sri Lanka government's actions on the Tamils, has decided to suspend his series, fearing that the forces that killed Sivaram will consider his series anti- Sinhalese.

We hasten to record that his series has been well received by the intellectual community, including the Sinhalese community, because it throws light on the causes of the escalation of the conflict to the current situation.

Mr. Sabaratnam has informed us that the killing of Sivaram is the result of the growth of intolerance to other views.

We hope to persuade Mr. Sabaratnam to continue the series after the situation improves in Sri Lanka.

Index to Sabaratnam's biography of V. Pirapaharan


Posted May 6, 2005