Peace Activitsts Threatened

'Ravaya' editor Victor Ivon says organised groups are taking advantage of an anarchic situation being created by nationalists and religious extemists.

Victor Ivon was talking to Sandesaya about a threatening letter he has received from a group called, 'Theraputtabaya Force'.

"There is a undecisive atmosphere prevailing in the government and in the whole country. These organised elements emerge through such a background", he said.

Quoting the letter, he said, this group has threatened to kill journlaists who they called those help divide the country, foster imperialism and neo-colonialism.

The group has stressed the importance of eliminating what they called 'anti-patriotic elements' and journalist Sivaram was killed for this reason.

Asked about the severity of the threat, he said, "This can not be ruled out as a mere letter it may, perhaps, be much more than that"

He has complained to the Free Media Movement about this letter.

Editor, Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge and presidium member of the New Left Front , Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne have received similar letters.

BBC Sinhala, 10 May, 2005


Posted May 13, 2005