Vanni Tech Wish List

If you are planning to visit Kilinochchi in the near future, or somone you know might be going there, you may want to consider taking some of these items for Vanni Tech.

Wish List

VanniTech would appreciate donations of equipment.  If you have something that you think a university could or should have, please donate it to VanniTech.

Currently we are looking for the following:

SUN Solaris System
Apple Computer
Laptops (Pentium III or higher)
Dot-matrix Printer
PCB Layout Machine
Wi-Fi PC NIC Cards
Wi-Fi PCMCIA Cards
Memory Sticks (preferably 1GB or greater)
Video Capture Cards
Symantec AntiVirus - Corporate Edition 9.0
MSDN Library - Latest Version
JBuilder - Enterprise Edition
PIC C Compiler
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003
Microsoft Internet Services and Acceleration Server
Language Lab Materials (English language CDs/DVDs, books, etc.)
Technical Magazines (e.g. PC Magazine)
Software Magazines
Archie Comics (for Language Lab)
Employment Incubation

We are looking for software and hardware-related contract jobs that our students can do from Vanni.

If you can provide employment for our students, please contact us.

We have expertise in the following area:

Database application development
Web applications & website development
Mobile devices/PDA application development
Network design, setup, administration & maintenance
PC/OS Troubleshooting
Electronics design, troubleshooting, research

For details, please contact:


If you know anyone thinking of outsourcing small software projects, you may want to recommend them to TechShack, VanniTech's Employment Incubation Center.

TechShack is set up as a high-tech solutions center for the purpose of training students and encouraging creation of employment.  TechShack utilizes VanniTech students and graduates to serve the technological advancement of NorthEast Sri Lanka.

It has also attracted international outsourcing projects through its expertise, quality of service and competitive pricing.  In addition it supports companies and individuals to start their development center in NorthEast of Sri Lanka.

VanniTech has already signed a MoU with a US Consulting Company for small software projects.  More details on that can be found at

More details on TechShack can be found at
or please contact  for details.


Posted May 31, 2005