Letter re 'On Tamil Militarism'

[Sivaram cannot defend himself on this issue of caste, so the Editor depends on other readers to respond to Mr. Vetri Cholan.]

Dear Editor,

I am a sincere reader of sangam.org.  This is a wonderful site which gives us enormous information about Eelam.

I am from near Thanjavur, Tamilnadu where the Cholas raised a great Tamil empire during all the times from Karikal Cholan to Rajendra Cholan.

Recently I read D.P. Sivaram essays.  It is complete garbage.  There are no such warrior castes in Tamilnadu.  He probably comes from the Thevar or Kallar community who have crippled today's Tamilnadu from Police to Village officers.  All caste politics hardly mitigated by people.  They only talk about beings warriors, etc.  Please do not post Sivaram's garbage stories.  They are exploiting Tamilnadu by caste.

Sivaram wrote "Thevar formed the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company with V.O.Chidamparam Pillai in 1907."  It is completely wrong and a self-interested "insert."  Sedhupathi Thevar was a British puppet as other kings were in those times, but he extended his help as a shareholder.  VOC was the man who formed the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company Ltd and bought 2 ships who ran at the same time(a great business plan) and collapsed British shipping.  It was his spirit and fire which brought him "Kappalottia Tamilan" and he was called "V O Chidambaranar" rather than "V O C Pillai" where the caste was dwarfed by the great "Kappalottia Tamilan" identity.  It gave a million years glory to Tamils that he was the first man to run a ship against the British Empire.

There is no surprise about "VOC" as the Chola empire had a powerful navy in earlier times.

I have never known one thevar or kallar to show signs of a warrior heritage in Tamilnadu.  If they go alone they behave like a "Petti Pammbu," like snake spiralled inside the box, even when they are expected to show justified anger.  They are only heroic in groups of thousands.

In fact they cannot tolerate that Prabha comes from the fisherman community and that completely diminished their garbage warrior stories.  I know that they are unhappy that Prabha is not from their caste.  If he was a thevar/kallar, then their bureacrats(70 percent of Tamilnadu IAS) would have worked out things for Sri Lankan Tamils.  See their broad mind.  They do not believe in a Tamil identity!

My sincere advice is do not put out garbage caste stories anymore.  That taints your good effort.
You would lose Tamils-spirited people like me.  Write about "Kappalottia Tamilan."  Write about "Ponniyin Selvan", "Kadal Pura," etc.

Thevars and Kallars are on the decease to Tamilnadu. I f time helps me, I will bust caste garbage out of Tamilnadu.

Vetri Cholan
Gangaigonda Cholapuram


Posted June 24, 2005