The British Methodist Conference Releases Statement

A Memorial that was put forward by the Richmond and Hounslow Circuit (London SW District) to the Methodist Conference was voted for release after speakers on post-tsunami Sri Lanka.

The Methodist Conference 2005 met on the English Riviera,Torquay, where national delegates, including global ecumenical representatives and mission partners, gathered for a week in June.

The original text of the Memorial was posted on Sangam in March 2005.

The Conference concurred with the recommendation of the Memorials Committee, adding the following statement:

'The Conference condemns all repression of human rights in Sri Lanka, including the right to free speech.  The Conference is gravely concerned at the risk to the peace process resulting from assassinations which have occured since the tsunami and from what are seen as injustices in the distribution of aid.'

Report by: Spartacus


Posted July 8, 2005