NESOHR Celebrates First Anniversary



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July 10, 2005

Press Release

NESOHR celebrated its first year of operation on July 9-10th in Kilinochchi with an annual general meeting and a quiet celebration of its achievements.  Mr. T S Tamilchelvan, leader of the LTTE political wing, attended the celebration as the chief guest.

Opening the meeting and the celebrations, the Chairperson of NESOHR, Rev M X Karunaratnam, said completing one year is like completing a millennium.  He said NESOHR is releasing a report outlining the work it has done over this one year.  He said that NESOHR has done good work and thanked all members for their contribution.  He expressed his hope that in the coming year NESOHR will take up the challenge of raising the human rights awareness with even greater vigour.

Fr. Karunaratnam also mentioned the importance of recording past violations.  He described one of NESOHRís current projects regarding the 1990 disappearances in Mandaitivu, Allaipiddy, and Mankumpan.

Mr T S Tamilchelvan, in his speech, congradulated NESOHR for its achievement.  He said that strong communities ensure that past violations of their rights are kept in the fore through constant media attention, while violations against weaker communities are soon forgotten.  He emphasised the importance of recording and bringing attention to past violations in the NorthEast.  He said that there is not only the need to remind outsiders about what has happened, but also the need to remind Tamil people of the past.

Mr. Tamilchelvan also added that, during their overseas visits, people they have met expressed appreciation of NESOHRís work.

NESOHR members who gathered for the Annual General Meeting paid tribute to the late Chandra Nehru, a member of NESOHR's board who had worked with dedication for human rights and was killed in February while returning to Amparai from a NESOHR meeting.

NESOHR published a report about its work in its first year. This and some photos will be available on the web shortly.


Posted July 11, 2005