Letter to National Post Editor on Assassination

by Roy Ratnavel
Re: Aug. 13 article on death of FM Kadirgamar
By all means, a death in this manner is a tragic event, regardless of your political beliefs.  But to automatically associate the Tamils with the killing is overly simplistic.  One needs to keep in mind that, currently, there are many 'political actors' in Sri Lanka capable of committing such act.

I vacillated between outrage and pity as I read the article regarding the killing of Lakshman Kadirgamar (Assassinated leader feared Canadian Tamils - August 13).  The absurd generalization and offensive characterization seem more indicative of a visceral self-loathing than reasoned opinion.

Canadian Tamils have no interest in the resumption of war, but they still have a profound belief in equality.  As a Tamil who grew up in Northern Sri Lanka during the Sri Lankan offensive on Tamils, I saw it all.  There is no glory in war: only trauma and shattered bodies, minds and souls that last until you die. 

Many seem to miss the point of proposed Tamil Tiger's Interim Self-governing Authority.  It is not to codify war, but to rid of Sri Lanka's current legislation of its discrimination against Tamils.

Stewart Bell's headline is intended to suggest that violence in an innate characteristic in the nature of most Canadian Tamils, tantamount to the equally offensive stereotypes once leveled at blacks, Jews and women in days past.


Posted August 15, 2005