Kadirgamar and the Tamils

by Rajendra

Many readers will consider this poem and its sentiments in somewhat bad taste because they do not speak well of someone who has passed on.  The editor is of the opinion that one must look at a life honestly and acknowledge the good and the bad.  The feelings expressed in this article and poem are definitely widely shared.  -- Editor

Humanity sees no difference between Harold Agnew, who never regreted helping develop the atomic bomb, and Kadirgamar, the trusted name in Singhalese households because he was a loyal servant to Singhala society, all in the name of annihilating the Tamils.  The difference is only in the numbers.  Harold Agnew's bomb killed nearly 80,00 in a split second and at least another 70,000 before the year was out, while Kadirgamar was responsible for 30,000 lives, let alone 7,000 brave men who gave their precious lives to protect the innocent civilians.

Killing a life is completely abhorent, and one would feel sorry for Kadirgamar's untimely death.  In equal fervor, Kadir's participation in killing thousands of innocent Tamil lives and inflicting untold misery and pain in Tamil society is vigorously condemned.  Kadirgamar was involved in the killings of innocent Tamils, and, most gruesome of all, with the bombing of children in a school and defending this act in none other location than the UN Assembly, where he said they were terrorists.  Kadir was an architect behind the already-prevailing refusal of the Singhalese to accommodate the Tamils as equal citizens in the country, and has been all along preventing the Government from looking at a tangible solution to the national conflict.

Let us all mourn his death with this poem:

How can that tyrant be forgiven?
In the ten years be he minister foreign,
Without being elected to office in Serendip,
Enjoyed all perquisites to the hilt.
The cries of thirty thousand killed,
Though of same ethnicity, he willed.
Through continued shelling, carpet-bombing sprees
He ordered buildings split, fishing and crops decreased
Crowded shelters erased
As his army battalions grazed.
Jaffna, full of boundless heaps in ruins
Wailing mothers for lost children
Weeping infants treading upon scattered spilt brains
In anguish and in pain.
There came numberless, all crying
For help to save them from slaying
Relentless Kadir convinced the world body
The dead cousins deserved not to live tardy
Tamils are terrorists, God knew who they were,
And Terrorists are Tamils lying in refuse,
So Kadir become a Sinhalese for real
To get a descent burial.


Posted August 15, 2005