Letter to Hindustan Times about Assassination

by M. Thiru

Dear Mr. Balachandran,

Please refer to your article ' Sombre mood in Lanka augurs well for peace.'

In that article you have not mentioned about the upcoming Presidential elections, the pending court case on when the current presidential term ends, what will be the effect of FM Kadirgamar's killing on the presidential election, how the democratic pluralism in the south is going to exploit this unfotunate event to maximize votes, what will be status of Norway as a peace facilitator, and which democratic party presidential candidate India would prefer to win and/or is working to help win behind the scenes.

Being on the ground in Colombo, what is your view on who should decide on "when was Chandrika sworn in as president?"  Should it be the election commissioner or the courts?  For the second swearing in of Chandrika as president who were the witnesses apart from the Chief .Justice [It was Kadirgamar] and whether the courts will accept/validate this swearing in ceremony.

In democratic, pluralistic Sri Lanka, the southern political parties have always maximized their votes using Tamil issues as a problem.

SWRD Bandaranaike was killed (and his killers are known), Vijay Kumaratunga was later killed, and now Laxman Kadirgamar - all were close to Chandrika.  Speculation is bad, but what are the political dynamics (from the national, regional and international points of view) behind the scene?

Are the Tamils going to be victims again?

Are the Southern political parties going to make use of Kadirgamar's death to further oppress the Tamils, using terrorism as an excuse with the help of the regional powers and international powers?

Can democratic SL maintain law and order, at least in Colombo, without any human rights abuses?  I doubt it.

I think if the Hindustan Times can address these concerns, it will be doing a great service to both Sinhalese-speaking & Tamil-speaking people of SL and the people of the SAARC countries.


Posted August 16, 2005