Letter to the 'National Post' 2

by Mak. S. Makenthiran, Vice-President, Senior Tamils Society of Peel

Re: 'Why does Ottawa turn a blind eye to Tamil terrorists?'

An article entitled as above in your issue of August 15, 2005 was brought to my notice.  The above title is very misleading and racist as it gives the idea that Tamils are terrorists.  Your newspaper is insulting the Tamils.  You should publish a correction immediately as this is bad journalism in multicultural Canada.

You have made another wrong statement by implying that 60,000 people were killed by Tamils.  According to the Sri Lankan government's own figures, at least 95% of the 70,000 killed in Sri Lanka are Tamils massacred by Sinhalese mobs and armed forces.

If Canada had to take in 300,000 Tamils after the massacre of Tamils by the Sinhalese in 1983, why do you not ask Canada to take action against those responsible for these crimes?  Are you condoning state and mob terrorism against the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka?

From the comfort of your base here, what grounds have you found to pass a judgment that LTTE is guilty of killing Kadirgamar?  If you know who killed him, you should give the information to the Sri Lanka police to arrest those involved and charge them.  There is strong reason to think that the murder of Kadirgamar is an inside job by war-mongering racist elements who are demanding the end to the cease-fire and the restarting of the war against Tamils.  As Foreign Minister, Kadirgamar was always guarded by over 100 Sinhalese of the armed forces in a high security area on a round-the-clock enhanced alert which Tamils were not allowed to approach.

According to the rule of law in democratic Canada, you cannot pass judgment without proof.  You should therefore submit proof or withdraw your baseless accusation.

I have lived in Canada for fifteen years and no one has used strong arm tactics against me to obtain dollars, so your allegation of criminal exploitation of Tamils by the LTTE cannot be accepted.  You are demeaning peaceful Canada and the Canadian Tamils by making these baseless accusations.

Your allegation that the LTTE is using children for war does not make sense as there has been no fighting for more than three and half years.  So who are the children fighting?  You are parroting what the anti-Tamil groups are alleging for political purposes.

LTTE activities are confined to the Tamil homeland and in no way are they causing any disservice to Canada.  So please keep them and Canada out of your problems.  Canada is a free country and you cannot ask Canada to do what the USA does or follow otherís orders.

Please be informed that Sri Lankan Tamil victims of man-made and natural disaster are neglected by the Sinhala-dominated government and the international community.  It is the Tamil diaspora that went to their rescue by willingly contributing funds.

We take strong objection to Alastair Gordon and the Canadian Coalition for Democracies talking on behalf of Canadian Tamils, as we are capable of representing our own interests.  This is like the Tamil proverb of the wicked wolf shedding tears when the little lamb was getting wet.

There are reports that anti-Tamil forces are spending large sums of money to do propaganda against the Tamils in and outside Canada.  Please look into this and make sure that your newspaper is not used to tarnish the reputation of Tamils by unscrupulous persons.  We Tamils are deeply grateful to Canada for giving us sanctuary from Sinhalese terror.


Posted August 16, 2005