Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America "Katrina Relief Fund"


VaNakkam. Because of the disaster by "KATRINA" in the past week, FeTNA has made the decision to raise relief funds to help the downtrodden in New Orleans and other Katrina-affected locations.

If you wish to send your donations through FeTNA, you are welcome to do so.  FeTNA recognizes that contributions to this natural calamity to help the downtrodden in this area may be made properly through numerous other organizations.

Please mark your donations
"KATRINA relief fund, FeTNA"
and send it as soon as possible to

Regd. office Annai Illam, 8844 Oakwood Dr., Hickory Hills, IL, 60457

Contact: Thiru. va.sa. Babu, Communications Director, FeTNA and Coordinator "KATRINA Relief efforts" at 708 599 3116,

E-mail Communication@fetna.org or annaiillam@hotmail.com

Thank you for your support, nanRi,

FeTNA communications

FeTNA is the Umbrella Organization of Tamil Sangams in North America and Dedicates its service to the Tamil American Community promoting Tamil Education, Literary and Cultural efforts and Supports charitable activities and the welfare of the Tamils living all over the world.

For your information, FeTNA's annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend will be held in New York in 2006.



Posted September 5, 2005