TRO USA Katrina Appeal

TRO is saddened by the tremendous suffering inflicted on the residents of the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina.  The affected people need our prayers, sympathy and financial assistance to move on with their lives.

TRO has seen people of Sri Lanka subjected to repeated tragedies, the latest of which was Tsunami.  TRO is one of the leading non-profit in Sri Lanka, which is involved with the emergency relief and reconstruction of villages for Tsunami victims.  TRO is very grateful of the tremendous help provided by American people after the Tsunami and wishes to express its sympathy for the victims of Katrina and encourages all of you to help with Katrina relief efforts.

We are starting a fund earmarked 'Hurricane Relief.'  We recognize that the need is great and urgent.  We appeal to you to send your hurricane relief donations earmarked "Hurricane Relief" to the following address:

517 Old Town Road,
Cumberland, MD 21502

Thank you,
N.A.Ranjithan, M.D., President,TRO (USA)


Comments from TamilNet:

"Our target is to collect US$25k-$35k. With the number of inquiries we have had from expatriate Tamils in the US and in some other countries, and the offers of help, I strongly feel we can achieve this target," TRO's President Dr Ranjithan told TamilNet when asked to comment on the appeal.

"Although we have not yet decided where to channel the collected funds, since a plane load of hurricane survivors are expected to arrive to Washington D.C to be housed in D.C Armory, we are reviewing whether if it is logistically prudent to offer the donated funds for this effort," TRO's President added.




Posted September 5, 2005